The Flash's Mirror Master Won't Carry His Signature Gun

Classic DC Comics supervillain Mirror Master arrives in Center City in the upcoming third season of "The Flash," but this incarnation will deviate from previous incarnations of the Rogue.

In the comics, two men have assumed the mantle of Mirror Master: the first was ex-convict Sam Scudder, while the second was Scottish assassin Evan McCulloch. Scudder used his technical prowess to create the Mirror Master costume and gadgetry, which granted him the ability to travel through mirrors (among other abilities). McCulloch inherited the original Mirror Master gear and assumed the role later on.

As previously reported, the CW drama will feature a version of Sam Scudder, played by "Friday Night Lights" alum Grey Damon. But as TVLine now reveals, this Mirror Master won't come armed with the character's signature mirror gun.

"He’s a true meta," producer Todd Helbing explains, "but he’s not necessarily warping into other dimensions."

It seems the new Mirror Master's powers won't be reliant on technology. However, it remains to be seen how his abilities will differ from the comic book character, or if the new version will have powers the original never displayed.

Starring Grant Gustin, "The Flash" returns for its third season Tuesday, Oct. 4, on The CW.

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