"The Flash's" Huge Zoom Reveal, Explained -- Sort Of

Jay Garrick #1 (Earth-1)

Also known as Hunter Zolomon, this regular old guy has nothing to do with the plot, and was only seen that one time sitting on a park bench. He's basically Zoom's cover story. He has no speed powers, and we'll probably never see him again.

Jay Garrick #2 (Earth-2)

This is the nice Jay Garrick we've come to know and love. He's actually not aware that Zoom is also Jay Garrick, and is conveniently out of the room every time Zoom enters (we'll get to that in a second). He's the one who died, and had his dead body dumped on the floor last episode. He came to Earth-1 to help everyone out at the same time as Zoom did --  pretending to be Jay Garrick  -- but Jay Garrick #2 really wanted to help everyone out, not trick them. He was mostly confused why everyone already knew him so well, and why Caitlin was kissing him all the time; but it was too awkward to bring up so he didn't want to say anything.

Jay Garrick #3 (Zoom)

Jay Garrick #2 told Caitlin that when he had his speed powers and used the speed-enhancing formula Velocity-6, he did some bad things. That's when a Multiplicity (or "Superman III," if you prefer)-type situation happened that split off the bad part of Jay's personality, and made Zoom. This Bad Jay became Zoom, and has been traveling to Earth-1 to trick Barry into getting faster so he could eat his speed or whatever. He's always conveniently out of the room whenever Jay Garrick #2 enters.

Jay Garrick #4 (Man In The Iron Mask)

There's a guy in an iron mask who has been trapped by Zoom. This man is also Jay Garrick. He spelled out J-A-Y, a few episodes back because that's his name: Jay. He's, oh, let's say, the good part of Jay Garrick that split off when Jay Garrick #2 used Velocity-6. He's a big dummy, which is why he spelled his own name once Barry (Grant Gustin) and Jesse (Violett Beane) figured out his ridiculously complicated code (seriously, he couldn't trace letters in the air or something?) instead of, you know, giving any sort of clue as to what was actually going on.

Jay Garrick #5 (Eobard Thawne)

Jay Garrick #6 (Haven't Met Him Yet)

There's another Jay Garrick, probably Hunter Zolomon's identical twin from Earth-1 or something, who is wandering around somewhere. We may never meet him, but he's definitely out there. I'm sure of it.

Jay Garrick #7 (Henry Allen)

Wasn't it weird how Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) left Central City in the first episode of the season, even though he was waiting for years to be reunited with his son? That's because he's also secretly Jay Garrick, probably from Earth-3 or another alternate timeline. He didn't want to hang around while the other Jay Garricks were about to show up, because it would be too confusing.

Jay Garrick #8 (Andrew Kreisberg)

Not many people know this, but show EP Andrew Kreisberg's birth name is Jay Garrick. This is true.

Jay Garrick #9 (Kcirrag Yaj)

I can't confirm this without rewatching all the episodes, but I'm sure there was a point when Jay Garrick #2 (or #3) looked in some sort of strange, reflective surface on someone's wall, and you could glimpse a reverse image of Jay in that glass. It was really strange, I've never seen anything like it before, but I'm sure they'll find out more about this Reverse Jay soon.

Jay Garrick #10 (The One In All Of Our Hearts)

If you search deep inside of yourself, I think you'll find that there's a little Jay Garrick in all of us.

Did you find any other Jay Garrick's hiding in this season of The Flash or under your bed? Hit me up on Twitter @azalben and let me know!

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