"The Flash's" Danielle Panabaker Discusses Killer Frost's Powers, Friendship with Zoom

Danielle Panabaker makes her Killer Frost debut on "The Flash" starting this week, in the two-part episode, "Welcome to Earth-2" and "Escape from Earth-2." While Panabaker typically plays the intelligent and supportive Dr. Caitlin Snow on "The Flash," for the next two weeks she gets to play Caitlin's doppleganger, the evil metahuman Killer Frost.

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Panabaker recently shared her thoughts on playing Killer Frost with TVLine, who asked her about Frost's powers, Frost's relationship with Caitlin's former fiance Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) and how Earth-1 Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will react when he sees this version of Caitlin Snow.

When asked what Caitlin and Frost have in common, Panabaker said they only have three things in common: their loyalty, their intelligence and their love for Ronnie Raymond. On whether or not Frost and Raymond have a similar relationship to their Earth-1 counterparts, Panabaker said, "It's a little bit more 'Bonnie and Clyde.' There's the same amount of passion, and they do love each other the same as on Earth-One. They're just evil! They just like to hurt people and steal from them."

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TVLine also asked Panabaker if Frost's origin story will be explored in these two episodes. Panabaker said, "That's actually not something that we really explored in this first exposure to Killer Frost. It's The Flash, so we're telling his [Barry's] story and witnessing his general his shock at seeing Killer Frost." She also shared a little bit about her powers: "A lot of what we see in this week's episode is her use of icicles, how she can shoot them from her hand. She has control over ice and in [next week's episode] we see her explore her powers a bit more."

Panabaker did allude to an interesting relationship that might be featured in the second part of the Earth-2 episodes: "We've talked extensively about Earth-2's Killer Frost. I think that after the episode, after you see her relationships with people like Zoom, you'll begin to understand her a bit more." Zoom -- wait, Killer Frost is friends with Zoom? That's not going to be good for Barry at all.

EW also spoke to Panabaker about Killer Frost, specifically where she drew inspiration for this darker version of Caitlin Snow: "I watched some old Batman movies and really looked at all those femme fatales, Uma Thurman and Michelle Pfieffer, and went to them for inspiration," she says. "It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it."

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW. The two-part Earth-2 episodes kick off this week on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

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