"The Flash's" Candice Patton Discusses Iris and Barry's Relationship on Earth-2

Last week on "The Flash" audiences were introduced to a variety of new versions of their favorite characters. Barry Allen was a geekier version of his CSI self, Joe West was a lounge singer, Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton was a bumbling cop, and Iris West was a detective at the CCPD. It was refreshing and fun to see these actors play different versions of themselves, especially Candice Patton, who got to take Iris out from behind her reporter desk into the field with a gun and badge.

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Candice Patton spoke to TVLine today and shared some of her thoughts on playing Earth-2 Iris, including how she had to press into her own fierceness, and what it was like bringing to life such an iconic relationship as "West Allen."

When asked about how Patton carried herself differently in playing Earth-2 Iris, Patton said "I wanted her to be as strong as her father is on Earth-One. It was an unusual difference for me now being the "alpha" in the room. ["The Flash"] director Millicent Shelton, had to come over to me a couple of times and say, 'You're on the right track. Be fierce. Be dominant.'"

When asked about Iris being married to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on Earth-2, Patton said, "It's nice to see how these two opposites really attract on Earth-Two. [This week], you'll see that Earth-Two Barry, while he is very nerdy and shy and a bit reserved, kind of rises to the challenge. He wants to work alongside his wife." As for Earth-1 Barry and Iris' relationship, Patton said, "The newspaper says we're married in the future. Them being married on Earth-Two kind of gives this idea that Barry and I are always connected, no matter where we find them."

While Iris and Barry are not in a relationship on Earth-1, Iris West and Barry Allen were married in the comics. Fans of this pairing must have loved seeing them married on last week's episode. When asked if their marriage on Earth-2 will change anything for Earth-1 Iris, Patton said, "Yes - in the sense that there's almost a seed planted, at least for Iris. This idea that they are married on Earth-Two and supposedly married in the future makes Iris start to wonder if maybe they are truly destined to be together."

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While Barry had to get over Iris last season, and is currently getting over Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten) this season, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Iris when he gets back to Earth-1. Will his feelings for Iris be rekindled? Will Iris be open to pursuing something with Barry? "The Flash" EP Andrew Kreisberg previously mentioned that these is more ahead for Iris and Barry and that it will make fans happy, could he be referring to fans of the couple eventually getting together?

"The Flash" conclused its Earth-2 story line this Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on The CW in "Escape from Earth-2."

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