The Flash, Wolverine, Astro Boy: January 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Producer Chuck Roven has been pretty chatty recently. He talked to IESB about keeping the scarlet speedster's experience insular. "First of all, 'Justice League' -- as I understand what Warner and George Miller were doing -- it was a complete reinvention of all the characters in it," Roven said. "The Batman character in that one has nothing to do with our Dark Knight. Had that happened, he would have been played by a different individual. We did talk about how we would handle it if 'Justice League' would have been made prior to 'Flash' being made. We talked about how we would deal with that. We hadn't come to any resolution because we hadn't written the script yet but I'm saying that it came up. At the moment, at least in my little world -- well, not so little but you know what I mean -- I get to be myopic and get to focus only on 'The Flash' and 'The Dark Knight.' I don't have to worry about 'Justice League' at the moment. There are those who might say that I never have to worry about 'Justice League,' but I know I'm going to have to talk about it ... At the moment, I like them being in their own universes. It's hard for me to think about something in the future."

Latino Review's "El Guapo" also grabbed some time with Roven, who said, "It's gonna be straight ahead and do a lot of honor to the source material. We're not going in a comedy direction. It's gonna be straight ahead action movie with a lot of character but it's not gonna necessarily be like 'The Dark Knight' or anything, it's going to be its own thing. At least, that's what we're gonna try to do."


According to Radio New Zealand, the mutant minded movie's set to blow up a lot of stuff, and some Queenstown residents aren't too happy about that. "Fox Studios, which is filming the latest movie in the 'X-Men' series, obtained legal permission from the Labour Department to store the explosives in the Queenstown Fun Centre. However, that violated the lease the company signed with the Queenstown Lakes District Council. The council's chief executive, Duncan Field, says he is disappointed the film company chose to ignore its instructions. Fox Studios says its production team has ensured all items are stored correctly, but when concern was raised, some items were relocated."


Superhero Hype has a statement from Imagi Studios saying that the manga adaptation has a new director in the form of David Bowers. "I've had a lifelong affection for the original AstroBoy, so am looking forward to giving him the full action-adventure Hollywood treatment," Bowers said. "His story is both emotional and spectacular, so it absolutely lends itself to the big screen. With the amazing crew that Imagi has assembled, I feel there's an opportunity to create something very special -- a film to surprise audiences, have them on the edge of their seats, and hopefully make them laugh, too."


The network has posted a new video showing actor Aaron Ashmore taking a tour of Clark's house.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has the new promotional poster for the upcoming episode "Persona," featuring the return of James Marsters.

Finally, actresses Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were interviewed by Alloy about their website project and working on the show.


We got an email from James Harvey pointing out this link at Toon Zone spotlighting some synopses for possible future direct-to-DVD features featuring the Jade Giant.


Comics2Film talked to creator Max Allan Collins about plans to adapt his comic character to prose novels and the small screen, making her more modern in the process. "I saw no point in making it a period piece -- the '80s aren't long ago enough to be doing period, though some people are starting to, I guess," Collins said. "There have been subtle changes, some that nobody's noticed. We have a new character, Bea, an Asian operative who doesn't have a lot to do in this novel but may if there are future ones. Dominique Muerta was Dominick Muerta's sister in the comics, and she's his daughter now -- I just liked that better, for some reason. I wanted her and Ms. Tree to be about the same age and mirror each other. If the novels continue they may or may not echo the existing graphic novels. I just don't know. We did a long, elaborate and frankly soap opera-ish storyline over the years, and it's a lot to compress. So whether Ms. Tree's adopted son would show up in a subsequent novel, I can't say; whether Dan Green will lose an eye and a hand, I can't say. I can't even say that there'll be more novels for sure. But this positive reception to 'Deadly Beloved' will certainly be taken into consideration."


The Bad and Ugly reports that UFC fighter Randy Couture will have a role in the Chuck Russell-directed adaptation starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers.


The official website has been updated to commemorate the passing of actor Heath Ledger.


Today's big news for comics fans is that Marvel Studios struck a deal with the WGA allowing their superhero-themed projects to get back on track. "Marvel Studios' signing of an interim agreement with the Writers Guild is more good news for our membership," said WGAE President Michael Winship and WGAW President Patric M. Verrone. "Marvel is committed to fairly compensating their writers and now they can move forward with their planned production schedule." Frequent Marvel collaborator Lionsgate has also inked an interim deal with the WGA.

On the surface, this could be seen to be bad news for some wanting the strike to be over. If a deal with the AMPTP is pending, why keep making the side deals?

In other arenas, CBR News takes a look at the original content being spawned by the strike, including the "Speechless" videos and Strike TV.


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