The Flash, Whiteout, Iron Man, Speed Racer: February 9th Comic Reel Wrap


In an interview with Moviehole, with or without pal David Goyer, actor Ryan Reynolds wanted it know that he's still down to be Wally West. "I was never officially on the project so ... it's just something that most of the fan boys have felt like there's a strong similarity between Ryan Reynolds and Wally West," Reynolds said. "So, I certainly know of Wally and have read all the comic books and I'd love to jump in there and play him. I don't know where the direction of the Flash is going to go from here though. Shawn Levy is taking it over and they may decide that Barry Allen is the one that they want in there, an older version of the Flash, and that is something that I wouldn't be interested in playing. But if it was Wally I would definitely be curious."


Once it was a rumor, now it's official -- according to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Kate Beckinsale has inked a deal to star in the Greg Rucka adaptation. Dominic Sena will direct for Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment. The picture will be the first to go into production under the company's new structure, which allows Silver to greenlight and finance films autonomously. Warner Bros. Pictures is distributing. Jon & Erich Hoeber wrote the adaptation. Principal photography is scheduled to begin March 5 on location in Montreal.


You can find a new video interview with the Stark screenwriter Mark Fergus at Jew Review, talking about what to expect in the development of the title character.


When release dates collide! IGN reports that the first post "Matrix" film for the Wachowski Brothers, which still has Vince Vaughn attached to play Racer X, will be released May 23rd 2008. Another film will be opening the day before ... a small, independently produced project currently called "Indiana Jones IV." You might not have heard about it ...


Director Mark Steven Johnson is quoted at Sci Fi Wire as lamenting how hard it is to structure a film around a character who doesn't really exist. "It was just tough, because we don't have the luxury of other comic-book movies like Spider-Man, where you can have Tobey Maguire be in the costume and shoot a scene," Johnson said. "Every time you see Ghost Rider, it's a special effect. So it makes the movie ... become very expensive quickly, and ... you've got to plan out everything because of the cost. You know that if Ghost Rider is going to show up in a scene, and you're going to cut to his close-up, it's going to cost you $50,000. So you have to storyboard and pre-vis everything, and you can't cover a scene or get as much action sometimes in a scene as you'd like because of that cost involved."

Meanwhile, IGN has two new video clips from the film, showing some of the on-scene action.

Finally, Empire Online has the transcript from a web chat with director Johnson, who also talked about what he's got planned for "Preacher."


Producer Al Gough has been a bit of a chatty Cathy, talking up a storm to both TV Guide and IF Magazine. Both links have second installments of multi-part interviews, with the first taking on fan questions and the second the work of a professional, drilling down into what really happened with "Mercy Reef."

Also, our pals at Kryptonsite have screen captures of the trailer for next week's episode "Freak" and fresh spoilers about that episode and an April one called "Progeny."


Don't get too distracted by Doug Jones -- check out the film's other metallic character at JoBlo.com amidst some photos you've already seen of "Spider-Man 3" villains. Victor ... are you wearing a skirt?


How about some early screen shots of this week's episode, "Seconds?" You can find them at the Legions of Gotham message boards.


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