"The Flash" Unmasks Zoom, Reveals His True Identity

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "King Shark," the latest episode of "The Flash."

The mystery of Zoom's identity has finally been solved.

In "King Shark," the latest episode of "The Flash," Zoom revealed his true identity as Hunter Zolomon.

At the close of the episode, the show flashed to Zoom's lair. Zoom walked into frame holding Jay's body, which appears limp and lifeless, and dumped him to the ground as the man in the metal mask looked on in horror. Zoom then pulled his mask off, only to reveal what seems to be Jay Garrick underneath.

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Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Zoom is actually Hunter Zolomon, Jay's doppelganger from "Return of the Reverse-Flash." The character first appeared in Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins' "The Flash: Secret Files & Origins" #3 as Zolomon, before taking up the mantle of Zoom in "The Flash" #197.

"How all of that plays out and what's actually happening, we'll leave for after the break," Kreisberg said. "But we wanted to go out on this run of episodes with a big reveal, just the same way we did at the end of episode 9 in season 1, where we revealed that Harrison Wells was the man in the yellow suit. Zoom's identity is finally revealed."

"They let this person in," he added. "Part of the reason he was able to do that was because there was a hole in the center of their group, and he knew that. He was able to step in because they wanted it so desperately. Barry was missing his mentor, Wells, and here comes Jay offering to be his mentor. Caitlin had lost Ronnie, and then here comes Jay offering to be her new knight in shinning armor."

Of course, nothing is ever so simple with "The Flash," so there's plenty more the show can do with this revelation. After all, Eobard Thawne spent most of season one disguised as Harrison Wells; it's entirely possible there's much more to Zoom's true identity as Hunter Zolomon than meets the eye.

Starring Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes and Jesse L. Martin, "The Flash" returns airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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