The Flash Reveals Another Piece of the Thinker's Plan

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Mixed Signals," the latest episode of The Flash.

Kilg%re is just one piece in the Thinker's plan. In "Mixed Signals," the latest episode of The Flash, the mysterious villain revealed Kilg%re to be one of his "subjects," which suggests the technopath was part of his larger plan.

The episode planted the seeds of this idea at the end of the episode, when Barry and Joe visited Kilg%re in prison to find out how he got his powers. "The particle accelerator explosion four years ago. You were living in Silicone Valley. So if you weren't here that night, how did you get your powers?" Barry asked.

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Kilg%re didn't quite answer the question, but his reply was ominous. "Oh wow! Oh, you're not going to believe it. It really was something, though. A real life-changer. And do you two want to know the best part? I wasn't the only one," he revealed. "So good luck, gentleman. I think Central City is about to have its hands full."

The scene then cut to the Thinker and the Mechanic. When the Thinker asked the Mechanic for an update, she told him, "Subject 1 has been located. He's safe." She then pulled up a video on a TV screen, which revealed Killg%re sitting in his cell in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights. "He's right where you wanted him," she continued. "What do we do now?"

"Now, we find the others," he responded and the screen shifted, revealing eleven more slots for other "subjects."

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Of course, this is only a piece of the Thinker's plan, as was the return of Barry Allen's Flash; we still don't know his end goal at this time. However, the two scenes suggest that the Thinker is creating new metahumans, seeing as he describes Kilg%re as a "subject." If he is creating new metahumans, the Thinker's plan will echo Savitar's machinations to some degree, considering the evil speedster used the Philosopher's Stone to grant super abilities to those who had them in the Flashpoint timeline.

This revelation about the Thinker's plan raises some questions about the source of Elongated Man's powers, which will be "one of the big mysteries of the season." Compounded with the fact that he has just recently resurfaced in Barry Allen's world, the source of Elongated Man's powers may provide some conflict for Team Flash, particularly if they have something to do with the Thinker.

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