The Flash: 10 Secrets of the Speed Force, Uncovered

Anyone familiar with The Flash is likely also familiar with the Speed Force. The energy that gives DC’s speedsters their abilities is often as much of a problem as it is a solution. Throughout the years, attempts to tamper with, understand, or damage the Speed Force have led to all sorts of crazy twists and turns for the Flash family as well as many other DC characters.

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While the Speed Force itself will never truly be understood (as writers are constantly changing the way it works), there are still plenty of mysteries about it that have been resolved over the years. Here is our list of 10 uncovered secrets of the Speed Force.

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10 The Speed Force was Created by Barry Allen

Back in 2005’s The Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns, it was revealed that Barry Allen himself was actually the person who created the Speed Force. Despite Barry being the second major speedster for DC Comics, it is explained that since the Speed Force exists across space and time, it could have been created at any point before going forward or backward in time from that moment.

While the science loosely makes sense, it is still interesting to know that Barry Allen himself created such a powerful energy. This fact also means that Barry has an incredibly strong connection to the Speed Force, giving him the potential to truly be the fastest man alive.

9 It Allows for Time Travel

Many Flash fans are already aware of the fact that the Speed Force allows speedsters to travel through time. However, the “why” can often be rather confusing. As mentioned previously, the Speed Force itself runs through all of time. This means that once a speedster runs fast enough, they can enter the Speed Force and come out virtually anywhere. This has allowed for a variety of stories to be told using the Flash.

Some are fun and light-hearted with minimal consequences while others (such as Flashpoint) take a reality-altering toll on the universe.

8 It Creates a Protective Aura

In an attempt to further bend the laws of physics, the Speed Force was revealed to create a protective aura around speedsters as they tap into its energies. This means that - while speedsters are running - things like friction, vision impairment, and resistance don’t apply. While in this state, speedsters can make drastic and sudden changes in direction without decelerating.

It also means that they don’t have to worry about their clothes catching on fire or their vision being blurred by the speeds. While once again scientifically impossible, this feature certainly comes in handy for any member of the Flash Family.

7 It Allows for Rapid Healing

Along with the protective aura, the Speed Force also allows speedsters to heal at a rapid rate. This feature is a lot more believable as speedsters have a faster metabolism and can think at a faster pace as well. The ability to heal quickly has certainly come in handy for members of the Flash Family, as they are regularly putting themselves in harm's way to thwart whatever evil plan is currently happening. Though this trait doesn’t effectively make them invulnerable, it certainly comes in handy in the long run.

6 There are Other Forces Besides Speed

Following the conclusion of the recent Flash War event, it was revealed that other forces existed aside from the Speed Force. The Still Force, Strength Force, and Sage force were all introduced following the events of The Flash #49. Like the names suggest, the Still and Strength Forces deal with their respective names. The Sage Force, on the other hand, seems to be introducing new rules in regards to the use of magic that have already been established to some extent.

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At the moment, very little is known about these new forces in the DC universe. It is clear, however, that a lot will be done with them going forward. They should make for some very interesting challenges and intriguing new foes.

5 It Contains the Essence of Speedsters

Those keeping up with DC Rebirth know that they have a lot of explaining to do in regards to missing speedsters. At the moment, it is implied that people like Jay Garrick and Max Mercury are trapped within the Speed Force and can’t find a way out. Others, like Wally West and Bart Allen, have made the escape and are trying to find their place in a much different world. It was recently revealed that speedster’s don’t truly die, but instead get absorbed into the Speed Force itself, meaning that they could potentially return at any time.

4 The Black Flash Resides There

The Black Flash is a rare DC Comics’ character, only making a few appearances throughout the years. The whole purpose of him as a character is that he effectively acts as “Death” for all living things, speedsters included. While he is not a bad guy per sei, the Black Flash has still caused his fair share of problems over the years, as his purpose is to bring all speedsters into the Speed Force with him at the time of their deaths.

Originally, no one could escape the Black Flash; however, as time went on, both Barry and Wally were both able to outpace him, theoretically making the two of them immortal.

3 The Negative Speed Force

Much like how Reverse-Flash is the antithesis to the Flash, there is the Negative Speed Force for the regular Speed Force. The Negative Speed Force is actually separate from the main Speed Force and typically only used by Eobard Thawne. Though he is not the only person to tap into it, the Negative Speed Force rarely receives other users.

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One thing evident by the workings of the two forces is actually in the color of a speedster’s lightning. On the regular Speed Force, a speedster’s lightning reflects the strength of their connection from red (weaker) to blue (stronger). This is why Wallace West’s lightning is red and why Wally West’s is blue. The same goes for the opposite. Though Reverse Flash has red lightning, pulling from the Negative Speed Force actually means that he has a stronger connection, putting him on par with Barry and Wally.

2 It Can Be Broken

In several scenarios, the Speed Force has been shown to fall victim to illness or injury. For example, too much time travel has caused unhealthy ripples in the Speed Force, leading to time displacement or the inability to time travel. Currently, Barry and Wally have broken the Speed Force to the point where time travel is now impossible. This means that the Speed Force can also be weakened, meaning that all who draw power from it can become slower. However, despite the waves of abuse suffered by the Speed Force, it always seems to bounce back. As far as cosmic forces go, the Speed Force is rather resilient. 

1 It is Pure, Living Energy

To build off the last Flash Fact, the fact that the Speed Force can sustain an injury means that it can also die, therefore, leading to the conclusion that it is currently alive. In some more recent cases, the Speed Force has been described as a living energy that is shared amongst all those who possess its power.

The Speed Force is almost like an entity or a separate universe, possessing qualities that our own universe does not. The Flash family possesses the ability to tap into these qualities because the Speed Force has effectively allowed them to tap into its energy.

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