The Flash Showrunner Teases What's in Store for Team Flash in Season 6

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WARNING: The following article includes spoilers for The Flash Season 6.

The Flash’s sixth season will be pivotal for the Scarlet Speedster as it is the season of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” At the end of The Flash’s fifth season, the newspaper clip that predicted the upcoming disappearance of the hero in 2024 changed dates to 2019. So the Flash’s days may be numbered.

That will loom large over the show leading up to the crossover event. However, The Flash also features a large and talented ensemble. Recently, the series’ new showrunner Eric Wallace hinted, “Just because the show’s The Flash doesn’t mean another main character can’t take center stage for a whole episode. We have such a talented cast… let’s use them!” So what’s in store for the members of Team Flash this season? Here’s what Wallace had to say.

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Iris West-Allen

Iris West Candace Patton Flash

Iris West-Allen is still grieving the loss of her daughter Nora as the season picks up. Could that mean a pregnancy storyline is in the works for the character? “Not this season,” says Wallace. However, he added that there will be two “huge” hints about Nora this season.

Wallace was also asked if the comics storyline that reveals that Iris was born in the 30th century and then sent back in time would ever be adapted for the show. Wallace’s surprising answer, “Yes.” While he wouldn’t elaborate, the possibility is intriguing.

Finally, Wallace said that the show is starting to plant the seeds for Iris’ eventual journalism empire. Iris will even have a staff for her growing news outlet. Wallace said that we’ll meet the first staff member in the second episode of the season and things will continue to grow from there. “…it might be a small staff at first, but it’s very much about seeing [Iris] take charge of what we refer to as Team Citizen," Wallace explained. "And they will appear, and they will be getting into trouble, especially in the back half of our show because now we have a new way to bring in meta storylines: [Iris'] investigations.” Wallace also hinted that Iris will meet Lois Lane this season.

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

The Flash Killer Frost

Wallace said that in Season 6, “[Killer Frost]’s much more in the forefront than Caitlin is.” And because that gives Killer Frost an opportunity to experience the world in a way she hasn’t before, “Everything is new through her eyes, which means she’s gonna make some mistakes, which is great." Wallace continued, "It’s going to lead to some more tears, but then at the end she’s going to grow into something that didn’t exist before. Maybe you do lose that Killer. Maybe it’s just Frost waiting down the line.”

According to Wallace, “the result of where [Killer Frost] goes in graphic novel one and where she ends up emotionally gives her the strength to face what lies in graphic novel two.”

Cisco Ramon

The Flash Cisco Ramon Vibe

At the end of the previous season, Cisco decided to take the meta cure and shed his meta-persona as Vibe. He was also in a relationship with Kamilla. Both storylines will continue to be a big part of Cisco’s story arc in Season 6. Wallace promised that Cisco and Kamilla are “doing just fine and have a healthy relationship…. As far as their relationship ups and downs and highs and lows, they won’t be having that kind of drama. They’re doing great.”

Wallace added that the stability of his relationship will also feed into the themes for Cisco's story this season, which include, “Can you be happy being human? Can you be happy not being a meta? Can you be happy not saving the world every week? Yeah, you can.… That’s a big thing that Cisco will be struggling with all season long, and Kamilla’s a part of that.”

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Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man

The Flash Ralph Dibny Hartley Sawyer

At the end of Season 5, Ralph was shown looking at a case file for Sue Dearbon, who comic fans will recognize as Ralph's eventual wife. And the character will become part of the TV show. Wallace said, “Sue Dearbon will appear in the back half [of the season.]” In fact, Wallace revealed that the writing staff is already working on the episode “where Sue first appears, and boy, are we having a blast because Sue’s such a delight.” In fact, Wallace added that “without question” he could see Ralph and Sue spun-off for their own series.

Yet, he also cryptically added that although we will be seeing Sue this season, “sometimes what you see isn’t what you see. Is that opaque enough?”

Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells

Tom Cavanagh has played a different version of Harrison Wells on each season of The Flash and season six is no exception. Wallace said the latest version of Wells is “my favorite since Harrison Wells, the Reverse Flash [of] Season 1, because he’s cool, he’s suave… This is a man of adventure… We haven’t seen a Wells like that but there’s this completely unexpected side to him… And he has a secret. A secret that will be slowly dripped out in graphic novel number one but will really mess with his mind, literally… in graphic novel number two. And it’s going to lead him to an emotional place that’s similar territory to one of the other Wells… but it takes it in a completely opposite direction. It will be very apparent by [episode six] what… his secret is.”

Wally West/Kid Flash

Keiynan Lonsdale's Kid Flash

Keiynan Lonsdale has said he will return to The Flash to play Wally West/Kid Flash this season. It’s something Wallace is extremely excited about, although he did admit he's nervous that when he finally called Lonsdale to work out the logistics of his appearance, Lonsdale may be busy again. “But if all goes well,” Wallace said, “I’m trying my best to… get Kid Flash in for a couple [of episodes] because the story’s so good… Kid Flash will now meet a classic villain from the classic days from classic comic books. And maybe he’ll have to save the Flash’s behind, which is what I want to see, because maybe he’s not a kid anymore. It’s time to grow up.”

The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer. It airs Tuesday at 8 pm on The CW.

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