The Flash Premiere Harbors a Major Justice League Easter Egg

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Nora," the Season 5 premiere of The Flash.

The Season 5 premiere of The Flash hit the ground running at super-speed. It picked up right where the cliffhanger of Season 4 left us, with the future daughter of Barry and Iris, Nora West-Allen, introducing herself to her parents, asking for help. Much of the episode was spent on the time-displaced family reunion, which resulted in many nods to the comic books and references to the greater DC Universe as a whole. On top of finally seeing the Flash ring in action and Barry's new, vibrantly red suit, we also got a nod to Lightning Lad, and even the second Atom, Ryan Choi.

However, there was another, more subtle nod to the comics -- and the Justice League, specifically. It's not the most obvious mention, but it's one that still holds a lot of potential. Yes, in "Nora," we got the first Arrowverse mention of Happy Harbor.

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In the comic books published by DC, Happy Harbor is located in Rhode Island, and is famously known for being the place where the Justice League of America had their first headquarters, built in Mount Justice. Happy Harbor was also an important location in the fan-favorite animated series Young Justice, where it served as the main base of operations for Robin and his team of young superheroes.

In the Season 5 premiere of The Flash, Barry and Nora bond over the fact that Happy Harbor is the place where they each have had the best ice cream in the world. Barry went there as a kid with his parents, while Nora would be taken there by her father. At the end of the episode, the two happily go for a super-speed run to Happy Harbor for some delicious ice cream. We may not see the location in the episode, but its mention is still incredibly important.


It's possible that, in the future, Barry takes his daughter to the harbor for ice cream because it's right next to the place his superhero team calls home: Mount Justice. Or, it could also be because Nora's speedster alter ego, XS, is a member of Young Justice, and her father took her on an ice cream break in-between missions. There's no telling what the future holds for the Arrowverse, and the possibilities are almost endless -- each more exciting than the last.

In fact, with the epic crossover "Elseworlds" coming soon, the Flash will share the screen with Superman, Green Arrow, Supergirl and even Batwoman. While the superheroes of the Arrowverse have teamed-up before, this will mark the first time that Superman and a member of the Bat-family take part in the superhero extravaganza. Perhaps now will be the time they will finally decide to form an official team, with an official name, and, of course, an official base of operations! That headquarters could just happen to be within walking distance to the world's best ice cream.

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Airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanaugh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet, Hartley Sawyer, and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

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