The Flash: Red Death Co-Creator Scott Snyder Reacts to Villain's Tease

Red Death DC Metal

After being name-dropped in an episode of The Flash, Red Death has been picking up some newfound attention. Created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and first introduced in DC Metal, the villain Red Death was one of the Dark Knights of Barbatos, a twisted version of the Justice League where evil incarnations of Bruce Wayne were bonded with the powers of other Leaguers. Red Death was what happened when Batman, driven to desperation by the deaths of all the Robins, forcibly fused himself with the Flash and gained the powers of the Speed Force to compliment his newfound killer instinct.

After being referenced in the most recent episode of the series, "Memorabilia," The Flash may have confirmed the events of DC Metal might eventually come to this world. The prospect of The CW DC Universe tackling DC Metal is an exciting one, and no one seems happier than Red Death co-creator Scott Snyder.

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Snyder tweeted, "And THANK YOU guys for the heads up that RED DEATH from Metal got mentioned in last night's @CW_TheFlash - so wild!"

While exploring the Flash Museum of the future in "Memorabilia," Nora listened to an automated recording that revealed the Season 5 villain Cicada was never actually brought to justice. The tape compared him to Zoom and Red Death, neither of whom caused as much death as Cicada apparently will go on to commit.

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