The Flash Recap: Grodd Tests Barry's Resolve

The two-part Gorilla Grodd arc concluded tonight on "The Flash" during "Attack on Central City." This episode wrapped up the Grodd/Solovar story line with a full-on gorilla vs. gorilla battle on the streets of Earth-1. Barry needed the help of all of his friends this week, which included Wally West, Jesse Quick, Vibe, and the metahuman bounty hunter Gypsy. This episode also took place during Valentine's Day, so love was in the air for many of the couples on "The Flash." While Jesse made a bold choice to move to Earth-1 permanently, Barry took his and Iris' Valentine's Day to the highest level possible by proposing to Iris. Barry also made a decision this week to push forward into the future, instead of being so obsessed with stopping it, which led to his greatest crisis of conscience yet -- sparing Grodd's life. Barry's crisis forced him to question his position on death, murder, and if it was worth it to be a hero who practiced mercy.

Romance in the Air

Flash Barry Iris

Tonight's episode kicked-off with breakfast in bed, candy, muffins, and the cutest superhero-themed Valentine's Day cards ever. HR Wells, the consummate lover of all things celebratory, took it upon himself to turn S.T.A.R. Labs into a heart-filled wonderland of love. Apparently, on Earth-19, Valentine's Day was actually called Friendship Day. This spurred multiple conversations about love and relationships between Wally and Jesse, Barry and Iris, and Caitlin and Cisco. Wally and Jesse picked up from where they left off last week and Jesse decided to stay on Earth-1 to be with Wally. When she told her dad, he was strangely cool about it. Later he tried to pretend that he was dying, but Jesse didn't fall for his bluff. Cisco and Caitlin lamented about being single, specifically Cisco, who had been single since his momentary kiss with Golden Glider a while back. Caitlin clarified that nothing was happening between her and Julian, who was out of town this week visiting his family in England. As if on cue, Gypsy then burst through a portal and attacked everyone.

Grodd & Gypsy Team Up

Harry was able to knock Gypsy out, which gave Team Flash the opportunity to throw her in the pipeline. Back in her right mind, Gypsy explained how she had been mind-controlled by Grodd. When the team realized that Grodd could only control people from his Earth, they knew he was on Earth-1. The next sequence of events took on a very scientific nature, which put both Cisco and Joe in the path of experimental science. First, Harry re-calibrated Cisco's Vibe goggles so Cisco could glimpse into the future. When Cisco saw a certain street corner in Central City, the police and Team Flash all met there. Unfortunately, this was all a ruse by Grodd, who then took control of Joe West's mind and almost killed him. With a residual psychic link in tact, the team then hooked Joe up to a magnetic mind device to trigger any lingering Grodd memories. This led Team Flash to a military general who had the ability to launch a nuclear strike on Central and Keystone City. Barry was able to enter the right deactivation code in time, but this didn't stop Grodd from launching a secondary attack against the city.

The Wrath of Grodd

Grodd TheFlash

As Grodd's gorilla army approached the city, Team Flash assembled. Kid Flash, Flash, and Jesse Quick were all poised to stop the oncoming gorillas until surprise -- Gypsy and Vibe sent in Solovar! Solovar's return was pretty epic, and while it would have been fun watching Barry beat Grodd again, it was rad seeing Solovar take down Grodd. The gorilla on gorilla battle was intense and ended with Grodd falling from a very high rooftop. Solovar was going to kill Grodd, but Barry begged for Solovar to show mercy. Barry's plea for mercy came from a conversation he had with both Harry and Iris about whether it was OK for The Flash to kill. Barry wanted to kill Grodd, as a way to "change the headline" and protect Iris' future, he even compared himself to Oliver (who does kill on occasion,) but Iris reminded him that that's not who Barry was. She perfectly summed it up when she said, "you can't take away what makes The Flash, The Flash." Smartly and humbly, Barry decided not to kill Grodd and intervened when Solovar almost did. Because of Barry's plea and because Barry spared Solovar's life back on Earth-2, Solovar chose not to kill Grodd.

Choosing the Future

accelerated man

The episode concluded with Gypsy sending all of Solovar's army back to Earth-2 Gorilla City. Grodd was then sent to A.R.G.U.S., which hopefully means we'll see a King Shark/Grodd team-up sometime in the future. With the threat of Grodd neutralized, Harry Wells decided to return to Earth-2 as well, leaving Jesse behind with Wally and Team Flash. Gypsy returned to Earth-19, but not before giving Cisco a few cute smooches. Back on Earth-19, DC's Accelerated Man also made a brief appearance. Then Barry, back home in an apartment covered in roses and candles, bravely decided to choose "the future," got down on one knee and proposed to Iris. It was a beautifully romantic moment and something that #WestAllen fans have been waiting for for a long time.

The final moment of "The Flash," revealed that Wally was starting to hallucinate Savitar. Savitar is still trapped inside the speed force, but somehow his psychic connection with Wally is still in tact. This will be explored next week in the episode, "The Wrath of Savitar." Not only will Team Flash begin to question Wally's judgment, but Wally will be forced to cope with the former death of his mother and the confusion between what's real and what's not. The biggest question is, will Savitar somehow use Wally to get him out of the Speedforce? If he does, Barry's vision of Iris may still be at risk of coming true.

SAVITAR VISITS WALLY – While training with Barry (Grant Gustin), Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) starts to have visions of Savitar, which he hides from the team. A dangerous secret threatens Barry and Iris’ (Candice Patton) happiness. Alexandra La Roche directed the episode written by Andrew Kreisberg & Andrew Wilder. Original airdate 3/7/2017.

Starring Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster, “The Flash” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW. The series also stars Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Keiynan Lonsdale and more.

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