"The Flash" Recap: Grodd Returns in "Gorilla Warfare"

Grodd was back on tonight's "The Flash" in an episode aptly named "Gorilla Warfare" -- echoing the 1992 "Flash"/"Green Lantern" four-issue crossover from 1992 and the "JLApe: Gorilla Warfare" DC Comics event from 1999. This episode was a fantastic look at the humanity of Grodd, a gorilla who is struggling with his newfound mental abilities. This was also a great dad episode, with both Joe and Henry talking Barry through the trauma he endured at the hands of Zoom. As predicted in last week's recap, Barry did use Harrison's old wheelchair, and by the end of the episode he wanted to use something else of Harrison's -- the Flash ring. This episode also explored more of Kendra Saunders' backstory and paved the way for even more Grodd stories in the future, including a first look at Gorilla City.

First, let's talk about Barry (Grant Gustin). Barry was physically devastated in last week's encounter with Zoom. Throughout this entire episode, Barry had to overcome not only the physical limitations of recovering from a spinal injury, but the mental repercussions of public disgrace. Not only did Zoom break Barry's back, by far the worst injury suffered on the show yet, but Zoom also demolished his reputation. This made Barry's recovery even harder because he felt he let the city down. Barry's strength and speed did start returning to him, but he wasn't fast enough to stop Grodd when he took Caitlin. Even when he tried running on the cosmic treadmill he couldn't help but relive those terrifying moments with Zoom. Thankfully Iris (Candice Patton) made a brilliant move by calling Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) back to Central City. Henry was the only person who knew exactly what Barry was experiencing, because Henry went through a similar type of disgrace when he was convicted of Nora Allen's murder.

When Grodd took Caitlin, everyone assumed it was because he wanted to hurt her, when in fact, Grodd actually needed her. The scenes between Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Grodd (voiced by Clancy Brown), were reminiscent of "King Kong" -- Caitlin was even wearing a white dress similar to that of actress Fay Wray. In this episode Grodd asks Caitlin to help him recreate the conditions that gave him his superpowers. When Caitlin tells Grodd that she can't, Harry -- Harrison Wells from Earth-2 -- pretends to be the Reverse Flash. As the Reverse Flash, Harry is able to tell Grodd not to hurt Caitlin. While Harry's plan doesn't totally work, he and Caitlin are able to escape from Grodd's penthouse lair safely. Harry's (Tom Cavanagh) encounter with Grodd inspires him to find a way to give Grodd what he wants: more gorillas like him. Harry and Team Flash set up a trap for Grodd that sends Grodd to Earth-2. The place where Harry sends Grodd is a direct connection to Grodd's history in the comics -- Harry calls it a "remote jungle location," but its name from the comics is "Gorilla City." The introduction of Gorilla City on "The Flash" is a huge set up for possible future Grodd episodes.

Another great moment from the comics tonight was when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) vibed with Kendra. All Cisco knows about Kendra (Ciara Renee) at this point is that she just moved to Central City and that she works at Jitter's Coffee. It isn't until he touches her that he can see an incredibly stunning winged person with a mask. This vision freaks him out, which forces him to leave Kendra standing outside "The Princess Bride" alone (an epic fail on Cisco's part). At first he thinks the winged person is a man. It's only when he kisses Kendra at their "Say Anything" inspired make-up date that he realizes the angelic winged person is actually her. This marks Kendra's first reveal as the legendary superhero Hawkgirl. In that moment Cisco had to decide to be again freaked out, or to stay. He chose to stay, which was the right call, considering he's a metahuman now too.

"Gorilla Warfare" was another fantastic episode of "The Flash." Grodd was as scary and as menacing as ever. The visual effects were on point, thanks to an amazing VFX team. Caitlin and Harry Wells bonded over wanting to help Grodd,, Joe and Iris got to help Barry and Cisco had a sweet first date with a soon-to-be superhero.The best moment was Barry's scene with his dad. Henry Allen always knows exactly what to say to Barry. Henry was able to help Barry realize that it's never about what the public thinks of you, it's always about what you think about yourself. That's a huge lesson that Barry needed to learn, especially if he's going to defeat Zoom in the future.

Lastly, this episode left a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, Patty (Shantel VanSanten) is a smart woman and she's bound to discover The Flash's identity soon, so why isn't Barry telling her? Iris also had a moment to tell Joe about his son, but she didn't. Will she ever tell him or will he have to find out one his own? Harry Well's daughter, Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), is still being held by Zoom. Can The Flash defeat Zoom in time to save her? And there's still no sign of Jay Garrick, although judging from the synopsis of upcoming "The Flash"/"Arrow" crossover episode, Jay will be back. The trailer for that crossover also aired tonight, which can be seen here. Harry Wells also offered to help Barry use the Reverse Flash's costume ring, which will be very cool to see in an upcoming episode.

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