The Flash Recap: Abra Kadabra Puts Key Character In Critical Condition

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"Ant-Man" and "Gotham" actor David Dastmalchian made his debut on "The Flash" tonight as the 64th Century magician Abra Kadabra. He appeared on Earth-1 to assemble the pieces of a time machine so he could travel back to his century. Before he landed on Earth-1, he committed acts of murder on Earth-19, which brought Gypsy back to this episode. With Gypsy and Team Flash both pursuing the magic man, Barry had to decide who was going to capture him. If Abra went with Gypsy he would pay for his crimes on her Earth, if he stayed with Barry Abra would share the name of Savitar's true identity. Tonight's episode really showed us that Barry was willing to do the right thing, even if it meant Iris would die -- which means Savitar has not corrupted Barry's integrity, yet. During a scuffle with Abra, Caitlin was injured, which landed her in emergency surgery. Julian and Iris were able to operate on her, but they were not able to keep her from going critical. While this episode did follow the "meta of the week" formula, it did so in a fresh way because it introduced a science fiction-based villain who was both clever and required the whole team to take him down. Tonight's episode "Abra Kadabra" was easily the best of the season (not counting the musical which was the best of the series) because there was plenty of humor from Cisco, great team work from everyone, and some truly emotional moments between Joe and Iris, Barry and Iris, and Julian and Caitlin.

Say the Magic Words

Tonight's villain of the week was Abra Kadabra. He arrived on Earth-1 via a portal and was promptly followed by Gypsy, the meta human bounty hunter from Earth-19. Gypsy was pursuing him because he was responsible for multiple deaths on her Earth. Barry tried to apprehend Abra a few different times, but he kept getting away because of his magic-esque powers. According to Gypsy, Abra was wired with nanotechnology from the 64th Century that allowed him to make things appear and disappear. Abra made his way around Central City and stopped at significant scientific labs like Kord Industries, Mercury Labs, Stagg Industries and lastly S.T.A.R. Labs. At one point, Barry and the team stopped him and they put him in the pipeline. Abra then tried to leverage himself out of the pipeline by tempting Barry with information about his future. Abra claimed that he knew The Flash in the future and that out of all the villains he would face, Savitar was the one who broke him. Abra claimed that the death of Iris would devastate Barry and that Savitar would be truly responsible for that. Abra also told Barry that he knew Savitar's true identity and that if Barry let him go, he would share Savitar's name.

A Father's Choice

Barry wanted to let Abra go, he wanted to find out Savitar's identity, but Iris refused to let Barry ruin his integrity like that. The moments that passed between Barry and Iris were powerful because not even Iris would compromise her values to stay alive. Earlier in this episode, Joe's girlfriend Cecile offered Joe, Barry, and Iris "Hamilton" tickets. The performance was in July, which made everyone's hearts sink because they couldn't guarantee that Iris would make it to July. This episode really highlighted the weight of Iris' possible future -- and yet Iris refused to yield to Abra -- which made Barry refuse to yield to him as well. The decision was then made by Joe who in secret, allowed Abra out of the pipeline so he could hear Savitar's true name. Unfortunately Gypsy interrupted Joe's little coup, and Joe never got Savitar's name. Gypsy then called Joe out on his decision, saying that an officer of the law should never bend justice like that. It was in that moment that Gypsy confessed that Abra had also killed her partner, so she knew was it was like to want to protect family. When Abra got away he stole the final piece to his time machine, which was being stored in Thawne/Wells' time vault. That gave Team Flash a clue as to what Abra was building and they devised a plan to stop him.

Paging Doctor Alchemy

When Abra escaped, he badly injured Caitlin, whose kidney was nearly punctured. Julian and Iris then had to perform emergency surgery on her to clear the shrapnel from her body. The surgery went OK, but it was extremely painful for Caitlin. At one point, Julian wanted Caitlin to use her Killer Frost powers because she has natural healing powers, but Caitlin said that she would rather die than become that person. Caitlin's vitals were stable enough for her and Julian to share a sweet kiss, but then her body started crashing. HR Wells, Julian, and Cisco all tried to revive her but they were too late and Caitlin died on their table. This scene was heart-wrenching and one of the hardest scenes of "The Flash" to watch. Caitlin is a valuable member of the show and she better not be going anywhere. Julian then took off her power-dampening necklace and Caitlin was revived fully as Killer Frost. She blasted everyone with her powers Elsa-style and vanished.

Another Prophecy Fulfilled

The episode concluded with Gypsy, Kid Flash, Cisco, and Barry preventing Abra from returning to his future. Barry then let Abra go back with Gypsy, trusting that he would find a way to stop Savitar without Abra's leverage. Barry's final decision of the episode was to travel to the future because that's where all the powerful speedsters and meta humans were from. Barry said that he was tired of other people knowing his future and being so many steps ahead of him. With Killer Frost on the loose and Barry heading to the future, it will take Vibe, Wally, Iris, Joe, and Albert to find Caitlin and bring her back to herself.

Back to the Future

"The Flash" will return on April 25 with the Tom Cavanagh-directed episode "The Once and Future Flash." Barry will travel to the future to discover the identity of Savitar. While there, he will meet another version of himself, Wally West, and hopefully glean a way to defeat Savitar before Iris' impending death.

Starring Grant Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster, “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Keiynan Lonsdale and more.

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