INTERVIEW: The Flash's Rag Doll Explains His Powers, Villainous Motivations

The Flash guest star Troy James has a superpower of his very own. James, who will play the villainous Rag Doll in "All Doll'd Up," is a contortionist, which means he can bend in body in ways that can seem unnatural. He will lend this unique talent to his Flash character, who just so happens to be a metahuman with a predilection for using his flexible abilities to squeeze into places he shouldn't be.

Speaking with CBR, James offered some insight into his mysterious character. He revealed Rag Doll's wicked motivations, the villain's powers and whether or not the character will speak on the series. He also teased what draws Rag Doll to Barry, his interactions with Elongated Man and more.

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CBR: How would you describe Rag Doll in your own words?

Troy James: Rag Doll, Rag Doll, Rag Doll... He is -- well, clearly, he's not a nice guy. He has some familial issues. We meet him as he goes on a crime spree around town, but -- unlike other villains that have a definite evil motive -- Rag Doll kind of gets off more on causing emotional harm to the people he's after.

Tell me about how you landed the role.

Certainly! It all happened really fast, to be honest. It was 10 o'clock at night and my agent was on vacation, but his brother calls and says, "Troy, I have a role for you. I know this is kind of out of your depth; you don't normally --" I'm actually really new to acting, I should let you know -- so he said, "Give me the self-tape, and I need it by tomorrow at noon." So a really fast turnaround! I ran to my friend. I asked her to help because I have no idea how to really audition and we sent it off  and, within an hour, I got a phone call back saying, "How quickly can you make it to Vancouver?" [laughs] I got the role!

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What aspect of Rag Doll's character would you say you relate to the most?

This is too easy, I think! It's more, I think, Rag Doll is known for having extreme flexibility and I was born with preternatural flexibility, so it was very easy to get into the physical role of Rag Doll, which is what I connect to most.

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