"The Flash" Movie Director Puts the Brakes on Cyborg Appearance Report

Earlier this week, a report surfaced stating that as the DC Films universe continues to grow, so will the ties between movies. In this specific rumor's case, Cyborg was reported as having a small role in director Rick Famuyiwa's "The Flash."

A story on Variety stated that Ray Fisher's robotic superhero is slated to make an appearance in the Ezra Miller-led "Flash" film. Whether the hero would have a substantial role or a simple cameo was unknown.

Though he neither confirmed nor denied the rumor, Famuyiwa threw a bit of water on the team-up fire, with a short, two-word tweet in response to Variety's story -- "#SaysWho," possibly a reference to Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's comments this week on CNN.

#SaysWho ? https://t.co/pKmFdd2OUO

- Rick Famuyiwa (@RickFamuyiwa) August 18, 2016

Again, while not a firm repudiation of the Variety report, Famuyiwa's comment does cast some doubt on whether we'll see the Justice Leaguers join forces outside of the upcoming team flick. Or, it could be a bit of misdirection; the Flash is a time traveler after all, so who's to say Barry Allen won;t somehow meet a pre-Cyborg Vic Stone during the course of the film?

Fisher's Cyborg first appeared in a small portion of "Batman v Superman" that signalled presence of other meta-humans on Earth, and the eventual formation of the Justice League. The character is set to star in his own film, currently slated for 2020. Miller's Flash, who also showed up in "Batman v Superman," appeared very briefly in a cameo opposite Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang in "Suicide Squad."

Directed by "Dope" helmer Rick Famuyiwa, "The Flash" races into theaters on March 16, 2018.

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