The Flash Strikes Back Against King Cold With Help From An Unlikely Rogue

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for The Flash #83, by Joshua Williamson, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Arif Prianto, on sale now.

As part of DC's ongoing Year of the Villain, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold and his Rogues have taken down Barry Allen/Flash, imprisoning him in Iron Heights -- now renamed Ice Heights -- alongside Trickster. However, not all of the newly crowned King Cold's Rogues are down with his plan, as his sister -- Lisa Snart/Glider -- breaks Barry out of prison.

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While recruiting his Rogues for their latest escapade, Leonard found Lisa teaching children how to skate and helping them. However, Leonard managed to bring his sister into the fold by promising her that he had some unspecified alternate plan. She later took on Wallace West and Avery Ho, Kid Flash and the Flash of China, respectively, helping subdue the duo. In The Flash #82, Lisa did not appear among the other Rogues at Ice Heights.

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The Flash #83 sees Glider breaking the chains that keep Barry attached to the floor and wall of his cell. However, before she can take off the inhibitor collar around his neck, the two are attacked by King Cold's mechanical security guards. During the fight, Glider hints at tension between her and King Cold, and she confirms her motivation after the two escape Ice Heights, explaining that she's helping Flash because "sometimes you gotta hurt the ones you love when they make a big mistake." She believes showing the world that the Flash is alive, despite King Cold's very public boasts to the contrary, will do that.

When King Cold discovers what his sister has done, he's irate and mentions that she's been missing since he "took over Central City." He then releases a pair of ice hounds to find her, noting that she's afraid of dogs.

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Flash and Glider eventually meet up with Avery Ho and Wallace. After lamenting that the Rogues helped Lex in his plan "to end the world," Glider explains that they'll need to collect various pieces of Mirror Master's technology, which is mixed with Lex's. In The Flash #82, Iris was also collecting the devices, though her reasons weren't clear. Still, Glider's plan means the team will have to confront the remaining Rogues to get their pieces.

However, there's a major complication. King Cold's ice hounds attack the group, and during the skirmish, so Glider removes the inhibitor collar on Barry. This causes a massive explosion that takes out the ice hounds while also forcing Barry to vibrate through time and become unstable. Wallace manages to get the collar back on and reveals that something's wrong with the Speed Force, calling it "too dangerous."

Just what has happened to the Speed Force isn't totally clear, though it's almost certainly related to the battle with the Strength, Speed and Still Forces, as well as between Hunter Zolomon and Black Flash. However, Barry, Wallace and Avery are effectively without their powers right now, which will only make the upcoming confrontation with King Cold and the Rogues all the more dangerous, even with the help of Glider.

The Flash #84 goes on sale Dec. 11.

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