Is The Flash's Iris West Pregnant?

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for the most recent episode of The Flash, "The Trial of the Flash."

The Flash returned from its winter break right where it left off, with Barry Allen facing a prison sentence following the death of Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker. Most of the episode devoted its time to Barry's trial, as the forensic scientist faced an air-tight case against him, but while Team Flash was too busy saving Central City from potential nuclear blasts or finding a way to get Barry off the hook, another, much quieter mystery presented itself. Somehow, Iris West was able to interact with Barry at super-speed.

This mysterious turn of events might hold important significance, not just for the remainder of the season, but the future of the series. While the episode just shrugged off this impressive feat, it's such a big deal, it has us wondering whether Iris West-Allen is actually pregnant.

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But first, let's rewind a little bit. During Barry's trial, Iris had enough of her husband's name being dragged through the mud. Seeking to set the record straight, she begins to tell the judge the entire truth: that Barry is the Flash. However, before she can finish her sentence, Barry super-speeds to interrupt her. The two then share a talk, while in super-speed mode.

This is pretty unprecedented in the Flash's Arrowverse lore, because only speedsters are able to connect to the Speed Force. Thus, when operating at super-speed, speedsters can only verbally interact with other speedsters. This new development is not lost on the couple. "How are you able to do this with me?" Iris asks, to which Barry answers, "I actually don't know."

Since the two of them don't have the answers, we're guessing the reason is something currently unknown to the both of them. It's doubtful Iris is secretly a speedster, so perhaps the real answer is inside her. If Iris is pregnant with Barry's child, it stands to reason that this child could be a speedster, or at least have a connection to the Speed Force. Therefore, while she's carrying their child, Iris would currently have a connection of her own to the Speed Force.

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This development would actually fall in line with two other story threads that surfaced in Season 4. In fact, in the premiere, a disjointed Barry mumbled nonsense at a rapid rate, nonsense that we just discovered might have been hints of the future. His ramblings about being innocent were actually in regards to his trial, which means that another thing he said, "We're going to need more diapers," might be hinting at something that could happen sooner rather than later. Fans and viewers theorized that this was simply a nod to the comics and a future we might never see, but what if the start of a pregnancy truly is in the cards for Iris this season?

This might also tie back to the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover, where a young and unnamed woman approached Barry Allen with a lingering smile. Many have theorize that this is actually Barry and Iris' future daughter, who somehow traveled back in time to witness her parents' wedding. While we can't be certain that that is truly the young woman's identity, the way she spoke with Barry makes it a very strong possibility.

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Season 4 appears to be building towards Barry and Iris having a child together. Considering Iris now has some sort of connection to the Speed Force, there's a solid chance their child is already on its way. It might be too soon for Iris to know, but perhaps her body has already made the connection. If and when she finds out, the news could be enough to push Barry to dig a little deeper in order to find a way to clear his name, and get out of prison. After all, there's no way he'd allow his child to grow up with an incarcerated father like he did.

Airing Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Candice Patton as Iris West, Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, with guest appearances from Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West and Hartley Sawyer as the Elongated Man.

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