Hazard: The Flash's Unluckiest Villain, Explained

Hazard The Flash

One of the more unusual, offbeat DC Comics villains is Hazard, an antagonist who originally fought Infinity Inc. with her abilities to alter probability in her favor. Appearing throughout the DC Universe either as a standalone villain or in league with organizations such as the Injustice Society, Hazard has since made her Arrowverse debut in Season 4 of The Flash portrayed by Sugar Lyn Beard.

Now, CBR is taking a quick look back at this DC villain, including her comic book origins, her probability powers, and how her DCTV incarnation compares to the original comic source material.

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Hazard Injustice Unlimited

Hazard was created in 1987's Infinity Inc. #34 by Roy Thomas and Todd McFarlane as a member of Injustice Unlimited, a rebranded form of the Injustice Society. Hazard revealed herself as the granddaughter of the Golden Age Green Lantern villain Steven Sharpe III, better known as the Gambler, Becky Sharpe swore revenge for her grandfather's disgrace at the hands of the DCU's superhero community and eventual death.

After an initial skirmish against Infinity Inc., Hazard targeted a shady casino that had bankrupted her grandfather leading to his suicide. Following her defeat by Hourman, Hazard teamed up with Icicle, Artemis, and Harlequin -- Marcie Cooper, not be confused with Harley Quinn -- to kill members of Infinity Inc. While targeting Pat Dugan, however, Hazard had a crisis of conscience since the hero's son was at the scene and deliberately botched the assassination attempt, eventually turning herself into the authorities feeling immense remorse for her actions.



Hazard possesses psionic abilities to alter probability around her which she channels through a special set of dice with her at all times. Since her grandfather and recurring Justice Society of America villain, the Gambler, had no discernible superpowers of his own, the origins of Hazard's powers are currently unknown.

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Utilizing her lucky pair of dice, Hazard can cause both good and bad luck to those around her to both benefit herself and cause her opponents to become hopelessly ineffective. As she began to repent from her villainous ways, Hazard claimed she could not participate in certain crimes due to not possessing her dice. Whether she requires her dice to perform her probability powers and the origin of the dice themselves are both unknown.


Appearing in Season 4 of The Flash, Becky Sharpe was a casino worker who appeared to be chronically plagued by bad luck while her casino uniform resembled her traditional comic book outfit. While taking a bus from work, Becky was exposed to energies from the Speed Force as Barry Allen made his escape from the alternate dimension nearby. This was revealed to be a plot by the season's primary antagonist Clifford DeVoe to create new meta-humans for his sinister plot.

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Now able to generate a probability field giving her the ability to cause good luck for herself and bad luck for others, Becky receives the moniker Hazard from Cisco and takes advantage of her newfound powers to rob banks while wrecking havoc with her probability field. As the field threatens to overtake all of Central City, the Flash uses a burst from the particle accelerator to temporarily negate Hazard's abilities and capture her. Later, DeVoe transfers his consciousness into Becky's body as his physical form grows weak but transfers his mind into Fiddler's instead to better handle his growing powers.

Returning Tuesday, October 8 at 8 pm on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Nicolet and Hartley Sawyer.

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