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Everything You Need to Know About The Flash’s Gorilla City

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Everything You Need to Know About The Flash’s Gorilla City

You’ve taken a powerful locomotive to Metropolis, you’ve tried to catch a glimpse of the Signal in Gotham City, you’ve overcome great fear at Coast City and experienced a grand guigonal at Opal City. Now it’s time for you to visit the historic and scientific grandeur of the DC Universe’s most stunning city, Gorilla City, which will be featured in a two-part travelogue on CW’s “The Flash!”

The Gorilla City tourism board has had some hard times in the past, but with these episodes f “The Flash,” we thought that we would open up our wonderful city to the world once more.

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Gorilla City was founded around the year 1860, when an object from outer space landed in a place deep in the jungles of Africa, somewhere between what is now South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is a dispute over whether the object was an alien space craft or if it was a meteor, but whatever the case may be, the effects of the object gifted the gorillas in the area with super-intelligence. Our forefathers then slowly built up our wonderful city, so that within a decade, it was mostly finished.

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Our city is renowned for its devotion to not only mathematics and scientific pursuits, but also philosophical discussions. These take place in the various institutes that make up our wonderful home. The intellectual interests that are studied at Gorilla City are quite varied. Come for the in-depth discussions about topography, and stay for the breathtaking edible delights developed at our Culinary Institute. Here is a map of our fair city, designed by respected comic book designer Elliot Brown (who famously did all of the design work for the Official Handbook to the DC Universe)…

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While Gorilla City is known for its isolationist views, you might be surprised to learn that a great deal of our citizens have had a significant impact outside our city, even during the times when we chose to be hidden from the rest of the globe.

The brilliant Doctor Zaius was assigned to the Human Defense Corps at the behest of King Solovar. Zaius became their lead scientist, and continued to work on the program as it evolved.


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