The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #2 Review

This comic is just a mess.

Artist Ken Lashley appears rushed, with this issue looking better than the even MORE rushed-looking #1, where #1 had a squadron of inkers, this issue only had two. Still, the art is not particularly good (although there are some nice panels here and there).

But the main problem is the story, if you wish to call it that, by writers Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo.

I do not know how much of this we can really lay at the feet of Bilson and DeMeo, as this reeks of editorial interference, but man, it is just so bad. First off, Bart Allen has exactly ONE character attribute nowadays - and that's mopey. I do not mind heroes being mopey every once in a while, but here's the key. Mopey is a situation where a character acts different from their normal personality because they are sad/depressed, whatever. The problem here is that the young 20s Bart Allen doesn't HAVE a personality to begin with!

In the pages of Impulse, Bart Allen had a personality. But Geoff Johns did not like said personality, so he wiped it out when he had Bart get his knee shot. At that point, Bart decided to become super smart by reading every book he could find. However, none of the books had a section on "How to have a personality," because his only character trait after that was "serious and knows stuff."

So when you then AGE him to the point where he's not much younger than Wally West? You just can't go with mopey! Because if you go with mopey, that's ALL we're going to know about Bart, and that IS all we know about him. We just know that he's this whiny dude who mopes around a lot and complains about his powers.

Who wants to read THAT?

Meanwhile, the cast the writers is adding is just painfully lame. Especially Bart's roommate Griffen who, I think, will soon be a villain using the name (do I need to tell you?).

And the plot is barely existent. A lot of it is tied to the characters. The characters we have supposedly grown attached to in two issues (of course, because they are such weak characters, we have not, in fact, grown attached to them, so the plot doesn't help).

The book is about the Flash, the fastest man alive. He wears a bright red suit. Dark, brooding stories CAN be told with him (Waid had a few during his run, like when Wally was being sued), but only if you first put the main superhero story in place, and play OFF it. When you START with this mopey, whiny stuff....man, then you better have a really interesting plot.

This book barely HAS a plot.

It is just not enjoyable to read.

I would recommend that you not read this comic.

Cool cover, though!

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