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The Flash EP Reveals His Favorite Team-Up from The CW Superhero Crossover

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The Flash EP Reveals His Favorite Team-Up from The CW Superhero Crossover

A major part of the promise of any crossover is seeing characters interact who don’t normally get to share scenes. That certainly wasn’t lost on Andrew Kreisberg — an executive producer on “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow” — when approaching The CW’s “Invasion!” crossover between the four DC Comics-based superhero shows.

When asked by CBR during a Q&A Monday at The CW’s Burbank headquarters for his favorite meeting between unfamiliar characters in the crossover, Kreisberg picked the combination of what he dubbed “the most pure and good of heart” and “the biggest malcontent psychopath” — respectively Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), a former villain on “The Flash” turned series regular on “Legends of Tomorrow.” A glimpse of their dynamic was already seen last week in a promotional video (check out the clip below starting at around the 0:56 mark), with fans getting a kick out of their awkward meeting seen in full on tonight’s episode of “The Flash.” (Heat Wave: “I burned my family alive, and I like to light things on fire.” Supergirl: “That’s a… colorful back story.”)

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“Watching Supergirl deal with Heat Wave was a lot of fun to write,” Kreisberg told CBR. “It’s not a stretch to see that Kara would get along with Barry, Sara, Ray, that group. But watching the two of them have to deal with each other? Those scenes were even longer, because you just start writing and the dialogue comes to you. They’re such polar opposites, it’s so easy to watch them play off of each other. That was probably the one that was the most fun for me, especially because I don’t get to do a lot of writing on ‘Legends.’ To get to sit down and write Mick Rory again, and have him [interact] with Kara, that was probably the most fun writing I got to do on the crossover.”

The “Invasion!” crossover is based on a 1988-1989 DC Comics story of the same name by Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane and Bart Sears. Like the comics series, this week’s crossover is centered around an alien race known as The Dominators attacking Earth — which brings together the heroes of all four shows (including Supergirl, who, as fans knows, lives on a separate Earth).

Following a short prelude in Monday’s “Supergirl,” the crossover continues tonight at 8 on The CW with “The Flash,” then tomorrow at 8 p.m. on “Arrow,” before concluding Thursday at 8 p.m. with “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

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