"The Flash" EP Kreisberg Shares Insight on Major Reverse-Flash Revelations

[SPOILER WARNING: Major, spoilery speedbumps lie ahead for those who haven't seen the most recent episode of "The Flash," "Tricksters."]

"The Flash" moves pretty fast, but did you see that twist coming?

While The CW's hit super hero series had a lot of fun distracting the audience with Mark Hamill's terrifically entertaining reprisal of the role of The Trickster, which he played on the '90s "Flash" series, the real trick-up-the-sleeve was twofold: a major reveal regarding Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and the Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne, the latter now revealed as a time-traveler (in the form of veteran character actor Matt Letscher) who stole the real Wells' physical form -- and maybe some residual psyche -- in order to take control of the STAR labs technology; and the surprise move by Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), bringing Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) in on The Flash's secret identity.

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During a press conference to promote the game-changing episode, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg responded to some burning questions -- and some mythology minutia -- posed by "Tricksters."

Now that Eddie is on the secret, how is he going to handle knowing that Barry Allen is The Flash?

Andrew Kreisberg: It's interesting: part of the fun of Eddie is that he's such a nice guy and he's such a good guy, and when you have a love triangle, it's hard for Barry to not like Eddie even though he's dating Iris, because he is a stand-up guy and he clearly cares about her. I think the biggest conflict that's going to come between them is that Barry and Joe, whether it's right or wrong, have made this decision to keep Iris in the dark about things. Eddie, as always, is the much more emotionally in-touch character and is like, "This is ridiculous! By not telling her, you're actually putting her in more danger."

That actually starts to become the conflict between the three men. Eddie is not happy with how Barry and Joe have been handling this, and it starts to really impact his relationship with Iris. There's a great moment where he says to Barry, "How do you just lie to people like that?" It makes Barry look at himself and go, "Wait, when did I become such a great liar? I thought of myself as being so innocent and pure." It really starts to grate on Eddie. In the next episode, which is the crossover [with "Arrow"], Eddie, Iris, Barry, Felicity and Ray all go out for dinner. Everybody is talking about their feelings and Eddie and Iris get into a fight, and Barry is the fifth wheel. It's fun!

Given what we saw with in the flashback with Harrison Wells and Eobard Thawne, is there any part of Harrison that's buried under there, or was he completely wiped out?

No. That's actually something we were just writing the other day. He's had a lot of times when he's talked about Tess, and I think that one of the things that kind of bled through was Wells' love for Tess that Thawne absorbed when he absorbed his body, so that's sort of a fun thing that's come through. How cool was that? [Laughs]

And Matt Letscher we worked with on "Eli Stone," and when Greg [Berlanti] and I came up with -- again, we've been working backward -- when we were trying to figure out in episode 13, we were like, "Well, why wouldn't the blood just show them it was Wells?" And we were talking about, "Well, what if Wells wasn't Wells? What if he stole Wells' body?" And we both just said we should get Matt, who is so great at playing the villain -- he was Captain Love in "The Mask of Zorro" -- and we haven't seen the last of him, either.

Should we take these recurrences of liquids and chemicals defying gravity and rising in the air as an indicator of a timeline disruption?

It's not that discrete. For us, the rise in liquid is always a harbinger of a space/time event. It doesn't have to be as clear-cut as time-changing. It's "the accelerator is about to explode," which is a massive space/time event. We saw Nora because The Reverse-Flash came -- they ruptured the time field. You're going to see a cool one in episode 19. But for us, it's always sort of that like, oh, when that happens, put on your seat belt and say goodbye. It is not necessarily that time has been altered.

The mechanics of Thawne taking over Wells -- is that simply some kind of future tech?

It's future tech. We're calling it "genetic camouflage," where he basically stole his body. He basically rewrote his DNA to match Wells'. But what happened to Harrison Wells' real body and what really happened that night and all of these things are going to start coming out. And I know people were concerned about the events of episode 15, when they were erased in 16. What happened in episode 15 -- not all of it went away, as people are going to find out soon.

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