"The Flash" EP Greg Berlanti, New Clip Tease Remaining Episode Details

"The Flash" executive producer Greg Berlanti took to Twitter with a handful of clues for this season's remaining three episodes, including Vibe, Grodd, Rogues and Reverse Flash.

Though this isn't the first time the name "Vibe" has been thrown around in a discussion about "The Flash," this is the first time it has been mentioned in connection to the show's first season. In the comics, Cisco Ramon is the civilian name for Vibe, a superhero with the ability to create shock waves. With this tease, Berlanti could be hinting that Cisco -- who is played by Carlos Valdes in the show -- will fill that role by the season finale.

The other three clues, however, are pretty straight forward. For instance, Grodd has been teased since the season's fifth episode and will get his own episode titled "Grodd Lives"; The CW even released a few photos of the hyper-intelligent ape yesterday. Likewise, the Rogues have appeared as recurring villains and the Reverse Flash has taken up the mantle of Flash's archnemesis. The newspaper also names Green Arrow, the Atom and Hawkgirl.

The CW also offered a lot more information about Barry's potential future in a new clip from this week's episode, "Grodd Lives." In the footage, Barry (Grant Gustin) reads a newspaper article from the year 2024 about his own disappearance. However, the article offers more than just his apparently final act; it also provides some insight on his evolving costume and future relationships.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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