The Flash: DC Declares the Death of the Speed Force This Fall

Writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter are currently taking The Flash down memory lane for a "Year One" story arc, but following its conclusion, the title will jump to the present-day for "The Death of the Speed Force."

Williamson revealed the news on his Twitter account, listing the creative team joining him as artists Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey. "After Flash Year One...comes the DEATH OF THE SPEED FORCE," Williamson said. "Art by @RafaSandoval75, @JordiTarragona6 & @tomeu_morey. Starts in Flash in August from @DCComics."

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The cover by Sandoval, Tarragona and Morey displays Flash's battered cowl laying in the white snow, with his red footsteps and blood surrounding it. A small trickle of yellow lightning can be seen illuminating from the cowl's right lightning bold.

"The Flash Year One" creative team of Williamson and Porter previously discussed the story behind the retelling of Barry Allen's origin, their collaboration process, making "The Flash Year One" different from The Flash TV series, Easter eggs, Godspeed and how the story arc plays into Year of the Villain.

The Flash's "The Death of the Speed Force," by Joshua Williamson and artists Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona and Tomeu Morey, races into stores in August.

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