"The Flash" Cast Talks New Costume, Reacts to Jay Garrick Joining the Show

"The Flash" stars Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton sat down with the LA Times to discuss the upcoming season two, including the Flash's new outfit, story possibilities and the appearance of Jay Garrick.

When asked if she had gotten a chance to hit the Comic-Con International in San Diego show floor, Panabaker responded, "No, I haven't seen it! The first time I saw it was pictures on Twitter. I was like, 'Oh! Spoiler alert!'" Panabaker

"I wore it once a couple months ago, but that was it," Gustin added.

Valdes also weighed in on the elements he thinks has made the show so popular. "I think part of the appeal of our show is that they come up with stuff that they never even thought was possible, so it ends up being a surprise. Every time I read the script and there's a new villain with powers, I'm always thinking, 'How are they going to manifest that on TV?' "

"I think that's why our show does so well," Patton pitched in. "Andrew [Kreisberg] said this so many times: We don't save ideas. If there's a great idea, Andrew's like, 'Let's put it in the script. We'll think up a better idea next episode... We have endless source material for seasons to come."

"You'll see the shows affecting each other," Gustin revealed. "You'll even see some darkness coming into 'The Flash' via 'Arrow,' maybe if it's just through Barry at times. He's a much different hero than he was in the beginning of season one, for sure."

The cast also got very excited when they heard that Jay Garrick had been announced for season two.

"He shows up very early," Patton said. "We saw his emphasis helmet in the finale of season one.

"I got in trouble for talking about that," Panabaker shared. "Andrew Kreisberg was like, 'Don't say his name ever again.' And I was like 'all right!'"

"That wasn't random," Gustin added. "That it was for a very specific reason and that the audience would find out why very shortly."

Starring Grant Gustin, "The Flash" returns to The CW on October 6.

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