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The Flash, by way of Ingmar Bergman

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The Flash, by way of Ingmar Bergman

[Editor’s note: Each Sunday, Robot 6 contributors discuss the best in comics from the last seven days — from news and announcements to a great comic that came out to something cool creators or fans have done.]

Mash-up parody movie trailer may be one of my biggest guilty pleasures.  Back in the day when it was novel, I loved watching videos of Mary Poppins as a horror movie or the 1966 Batman movie as a modern day action extravanganza.  I learned to appreciate parody trailers thanks to Jim Emerson, a blogger at, who once cited the “Shining” parody trailer (which turned the psychological horror film into a sappy family movie) as an example of the fine art of film editing.  The whole movie parody trailer craze may have fallen in and out of favor with the fickle whims of the internet audience, but I personally have never stopped loving them.

Last week, I learned about the latest project from Patrick (H) Willems.  The YouTuber had done some fun work envisioning the Katheryn Bigelow action movie, Point Break, in different directorial styles.  Possibly my favorite are the spot-on Michael Bay and Wes Anderson spoofs.  Lately, though, his fancy has turned to superheroes.

The first attempt (turning the Punisher into a Sergio Leone film) was a little clunky.  It’s basically just a Leone parody with one guy wearing a skull shirt.  The next two attempts, though, turned out to be fantastic in different ways.  Tommy Wiseau’s The Batman is a little insider.  It goes for all the in-jokes about The Room, the celebrated modern bad movie, but it also slips in some semi-obscure Batman references.  (“Hugo, you always play psychologist!” always puts a smile on my face.)  This parody is more for people looking for a pretty great Tommy Wiseau impersonator spouting Batman lines.  Swank Frank Gorshin Riddler costume, though.

But I love the one that he released this month.  In an unlikely mash-up, the video attempts to answer a question that no one asked, “What if Ingmar Bergman directed The Flash?”  The video is a nifty black and white subtitled foreign language film with some pretty startling imagery.  Flash failing to stop a bullet.  A flying skeleton head that Flash can’t outrun.  Plus a lovely composition of Flash standing in front of a gigantic mural featuring an illustration of Captain Cold.  It’s a tantalizing taste what a superhero art house film would look like, something that we’ll probably never get these days since Ang Lee’s Hulk left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

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