"The Flash" Adds "Vampire Diaries'" Todd Lasance as the Rival

When "The Flash" Season 3 opens, there will be a new speedster in town. TVLine reports that "Vampire Diaries" star Todd Lasance has been cast as the Rival, who will arrive in Central City in the season premiere.

In the comics, the Rival was Jay Garrick's dark mirror. His true name is Dr. Edward Clariss, and he was once a professor at Garrick's university. He attempted to recreate Velocity 9, the formula that gave Garrick his speed, and was somewhat successful; however, his formula has a cap to it and eventually runs out, so that he must continually take a dose in order to maintain his speed. Eventually, the Rival becomes pure speed force.

Initially, Lasance was reported to have been cast as Savitar, one of two "big bads" in "The Flash's" third season; however, executive producer Greg Berlanti quickly shut that rumor down on Twitter. According to this report, then, Lascance will likely play the black-clad speedster spied in "The Flash" Season 3 sizzle reel that debuted at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Lasance starred as the antagonistic vampire character Julian on "The Vampire Diaries'" seventh season. He has also appeared in "Spartacus: War of the Damned," "Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms," "Crownies" and "Home and Away."

Starring Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes and more, "The Flash" returns to The CW on October 4 at 8 pm EST.

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