EXCLUSIVE: The Flash Gives a Classic DC Villain a Revamped Origin Story

The Trickster is one of Barry Allen's oldest enemies, long included in the roster of the Flash's most memorable and classic Rogues. For the past several years, DC readers have been following the adventures of the second Trickster, but now the original seems to have returned as the creative team of Joshua Williamson and Skott Kolins present the secret origin of James Jesse.

It's no secret James was a circus acrobat who broke bad and tormented Barry Allen for years as a colorful supervillain, but Williamson and Kolins' tale shows us information we never knew about the man behind the domino mask and garish tights. Our exclusive preview takes us back to James Jesse's childhood, introducing his parents, a pair of career criminals who used their position as acrobats in a traveling circus to cheat unsuspecting rubes of their money.

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Below, CBR has the exclusive preview of the first five pages from Williamson and Kolins' story. The Flash #66 arrives in stores Wednesday, March 13.


  • written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON
  • art by SCOTT KOLINS
  • variant cover by TIM SALE
  • James Jesse, the original Trickster and new crime lord of Central City, is taking over—and his plans for the city are his most diabolical ever. But how was he able to claim his throne, and where has he been for all these years? Learn all the answers in this issue that details each dastardly trick he’s pulled to get to the top!
  • ON SALE 03.13.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
  • This issue will ship with two covers.

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