The Flash #197 sells out, USA Today reviews 'Top 10,' 'New Teen Titans' collections

Official Press Release

As THE FLASH races toward its 200th issue, DC Comics announces that issue #197 (FEB030162) - the first part of the powerful four-part story "Blitz" - has sold out at the publisher. DC has no plans to go back to press on at this time.

"I'm really excited that 'Blitz' is starting off so strong, but really the roller coaster has only gone over the first hill - we haven't even hit the loops yet," says Johns. "I've said it before and I'll say it again: Issue #200 will change the world of the Flash and Zoom forever. We're just getting out of the gate here, and I'm glad so many are along for the ride."

"Reader enthusiasm for THE FLASH just keeps on growing," says Vince Letterio, DC's Manager - Direct Sales. "We strongly recommend that retailers increase their orders before the next chapter of 'Blitz' hits stores."

Here is what the critics are saying about the kick-off chapter in this storyline:

"[Geoff] Johns has not only provided us with a majestic initial chapter of the Blitz story arc. He has given us insight into the mind of Zoom." - BrokenFrontier.com

"...the fact that I felt so strongly for what the character had been through is an amazing testament to Johns' strengths as a writer - which is what makes THE FLASH the best solo hero title out there right now." - HeroRealm.com

Upcoming issues of THE FLASH are available as follows:

* THE FLASH #198 (MAR030207) is solicited in the March issue of Previews (Volume XIII #3) and is scheduled to be in stores on May 28.

* THE FLASH #199 (APR030181) is solicited in the April issue of Previews (Volume XIII #4) and is scheduled to be in stores on June 25.

* THE FLASH #200 (MAY030174) is solicited in the May issue of Previews (Volume XIII #5). This special 48-page issue is scheduled to arrive in stores on July 30.


The April 24 edition of USA Today includes the article "Here They Come to Save the Day, and Us," in which Mark Flores reviews THE NEW TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT, calling it "a super, heroic and welcome respite from this generation's film-inspired anti-heroes." Flores also looks at TOP 10 BOOK 2, writing, "The ensemble cast is original, [Alan] Moore's setting is awe-inspiring and frightening, and his effective juggling of numerous characters and subplots ranks TOP 10 as one of the most ambitious super-team titles ever attempted."

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