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The Flash: 10 Things We Want From Season 3

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The Flash: 10 Things We Want From Season 3

Remember that universe-shattering Season 2 finale of “The Flash”? Most viewers were totally caught completely off-guard with the events that brought the curtains down on the show’s sophomore season. To see the “Flashpoint” — also the title of tonight’s Season 3 premiere — paradox pop up was, in a word, unexpected. After Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and his team staved off one of their biggest and most cerebral threats to date, barely making it out at the hands of Hunter Zolomon AKA Zoom, we expected everyone to go home, wash off their bloodied clothes and bruised bodies, only for The Flash to go back in time and deal with losing his father, Henry, to Zoom by changing the past and saving his mother, Nora, from the Reverse Flash.

We knew maybe he’d fiddle with the idea at some point but safe to say, we didn’t think Barry was going to cap another high-octane season in such a manner. As a result, major changes are coming this year with Barry’s world and characters such as Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Barry’s parents in places we didn’t think we’d ever see them . With his memories of the past starting to fade as he approaches a normal life, retired, a very yellow past pops up to haunt Barry.

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For those who have read the “Flashpoint” event from DC Comics, it isn’t expected that the television series will take the grand route that the books took with respect to changing up the histories and stories of the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and of course, a Thomas Wayne-Batman aligned more to the likes of The Punisher. Simply because these aren’t characters on the show. But as the teaser for Season 3 showed, plenty of repercussions will be coming Team Flash’s way due to him altering the time-stream. This could throw the world that we know it into further disarray with Barry seemingly ready to sacrifice anything to keep that semblance of family — with his love life in full bloom, villainous speedsters anew (and one in particular returning), and some new heroes rising, things are poised to take some intriguing twists and turns this season. How any kind of order is to be maintained is left to be seen and as we saw with the Time Wraiths in Zoom’s fate, expect consequences. CBR takes a look at some of the things we’d like to see unfold this season as Team Flash deals with the fallout of Zoom and just how time strikes back.

10. The Black Racer


We definitely want to see the Black Racer in action! With Zoom meeting a dark fate at the hands of the Time Wraiths for meddling in so many time-streams, we don’t expect them to be hypocritical and let Barry go unpunished. How ironic would it be if this new version of Zoom, with its grim reaper presence and history, is charged to come after a meddling Barry Allen? The Black Racer has always had this very powerful presence in comics and whenever he shows up, you know it’s something massive. So with Barry’s actions, the likes of Savitar, the returning Reverse Flash and Wally West among the few that have been powered up, if the Black Racer decides to show up for dinner, let’s just say that he will have quite a few options to choose from. Maybe he’s not just an avatar for death but something the writers will expand on and tie in more to the revelations of the Speed Force from last season. Either way, expect major ramifications.

9. The Rogues: Fully United and Unleashed


With The Flash tussling and eventually defeating various combinations of the Rogues — from the brotherly pair of Captain Cold and Heat Wave to the dastardly likes of Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Pied Piper (who popped up as an ally in an alternate timeline last season) and Captain Boomerang, we think it’s about time to throw them all at Barry like the comics do. Maybe he’ll ask for help from the Green Arrow, Diggle and the lot but it could also prove a great litmus test for Wally West and Jesse Quick to stun the world, unveiling themselves as an extended Team Flash. With some tweaks to The Top coming, the CW is stockpiling on Rogues and rather than see some of them go the redemptive route (a la “Legends of Tomorrow”), it’s time to really throw them together and show the gravity of their team-up. A death at their hands, perhaps? Watch out, Joe. Let’s not have a repeat of what happened with Patty’s dad.

8. The Patty Spivot/Iris/Barry love triangle


Speaking of Patty Spivot… Sometimes, love triangles get so draining and monotonous, especially on network television. But when all parties involved are charismatic and engaging, it makes for better stories. Patty’s entrance and departure from Barry’s life came and went like a shot of lightning but their dynamic definitely matched what he and Iris have, so why not reintroduce that? Especially with an altered timeline surely impacting everyone’s lives. Patty’s guile and exuberance really impressed us last year and while Barry and Iris are moving on with each other finally, there’s a sweet spot for Patty who, up until that moment she left really, did seem like a natural fit for our beloved protagonist. The issue of saving a parent could prove to be very noteworthy when it comes to Patty and Barry, who prevented her from exacting revenge on her father’s killer. One more reason she could be the voice of reason this year when it comes to the past being left alone — and in the past.

7. The Return of Eddie Thawne


When Eddie made his sacrifice at the end of Season 1, let’s be honest — we shed major tears. It was such a selfless act and one that put him right there with the most heroic characters on “The Flash.” While Iris moved on and eventually found her heart pointing to Barry, Eddie clearly left a stamp on the show and its fans. With his villainous descendant, Eobard Thawne set to return amid a shifted timeline, we’re dying to see Eddie’s return draw reactions from the Wests and of course, Barry. Is there a chance he can win Iris back or cast doubt in her mind about a new romance with Barry? How will Barry and Joe react to the man who helped save the world from that destructive rip in its fabric? Could Iris’ love for Barry maybe propel him to the dark side which many fans have waited on with bated breath since the series began? When it comes to Eddie, all we can say is this — untapped potential.

6. Barry Meets the Legends


When it comes to superhero crossovers, sure there’s loads of fun to be had with “The Flash”, “Arrow” and, of course, “Supergirl” — especially with a musical crossover in the works — but why not let Barry Allen up the ante and link up with the “Legends of Tomorrow.” Their team is already tied to Barry because of the Rogues they’ve employed. They’re also a big geek squad that boasts the Atom and, of course, Barry’s friend in Dr. Martin “Firestorm” Stein, which could even one-up the nerd chatter that Cisco (now turned megalomaniac) usually posits. Not to mention, when it comes to navigating the time-stream, Rip Hunter has a thing or 10 to say. Given the latter’s tragic past in terms of family, he could also be very essential to helping Barry understand the severity of what he did by saving his mother. These two could find a lot of common ground despite being very opposite in nature and character.

5. The Flash Meets Superman


As long as we’re talking epic crossovers, why not go for the big kahuna? The Flash meeting Superman would arguably be as big as the upcoming four-part crossover between all of The CW’s DC Comics-based shows. Kara’s surely had some great things to say about Barry Allen after last season. so if we’re looking to sow seeds or just playfully tease the Justice League of America, this would leave comic fans breathless. It’s apparent from “Supergirl” that Superman’s the quintessential paragon of virtue we’ve all come to know and love so even just one scene with Barry and Kal-El could light television sets afire. We may have to wait a while to see it on the big screen in “Justice League,” but hearing both exchange heroic philosophies as well as the common point of losing parents could add great flavor. Superman could well prove to be a mentor to a Flash that’s still trying to find stability in the world and this is the ideal opportunity to expand the pantheon of heroes to a Watchtower magnitude.

4. Velocity-10


We’ve seen quite a few iterations of the Velocity serum last season with V-9 being the crowning point that helped shed light on the identity of Zoom. As a speed booster, we also saw its creator, Harrison Wells, and Caitlin Snow go through the motions with Trajectory and Barry himself in trying to perfect it while The Flash’s sought to best Hunter Zolomon. As Trajectory died due to the drug and Jesse Quick actually injected with it, (albeit saved by her father’s blood transfusion), the fact that its lightning (blue) and the personality changes that zoom in with it are both reasons why an upgrade could have even more catastrophic results. If a speedster wants to top Barry without the degenerative effects Zoom endured, Caitlin and company definitely have the formula to create V-10 and equalize the situation versus The Flash. Expect more from the drug that is on par with what Barry’s powers have exhibited. The need for speed is far from over.

3. New Universe Cameos


With everything restructured after Barry changed the past, the road is certainly paved for viewers to see a number of unexpected faces in Season 3. Altering the past is something that the Legion of Super-heroes may want to intervene in, especially with Kara and Kal-El sorting out villains over in Metropolis. Maybe we could see Booster Gold and Skeets drop in to have a look at how the time equation has been varied. With Wally West also taking charge as the new Flash with Barry retired and in love, what about a tease of the Titans? Could Wally have been assembling with some other superheroes? There are endless possibilities apart from inverting heroes to villains or vice versa. The writers have ample room to grow the universe. And to leave your mind bubbling, what if Barry opened the world for, say, a cameo from the “Smallville” universe? If ever there was a time to crack a window to that side of the CW…

2. Visiting Earth-3 to Meet the JSA


The idea of Barry Allen learning from and fighting alongside Jay Garrick and the Justice Society of America is more than enough to have us prepping snacks from now. We already saw the JSA light “Smallville” up, so to have The Flash observing how the rough, tough posse from Earth-3 handles their business is the stuff of geek dreams. With teasers already out, it’s already being touted as one of the biggest prospects in Season 3 with fans eager to truly see Barry alongside Jay — wiping out the scheme that Zoom concocted last year posing as Jay. Having Barry learn from the older, wiser Flash as well as absorb from the JSA’s dynamic are crucial elements to take back when he returns not just as an individual to his Earth, but also to the various teams and crossover moments Barry finds himself in. Let’s call this the best learning experience he could have outside the JLA.

1. Speeding in Silver


How decisive and mature will Wally West be this year donning that yellow suit as Flash? Or as Kid Flash? We don’t think he’ll appreciate that latter tag given how hot-headed he’s been portrayed but there could be a sense of rashness and a less-than-willing approach to listen — given the bits of arrogance we’ve seen from Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) in the past. There’s a huge sense of anticipation to see how receptive he’ll be to Barry’s wisdom and also, just how his dynamic is with Joe and Iris in the wake of Season 2 but one thing we’re betting on is that when he and Barry butt heads, we’ll get an epic race. Eventually, we hope that as he learns patience and also, manages to help Barry self-reflect, we get him in his silver gear, which also pushes away from the yellow of the evil Reverse Flash while managing not to look that — no pun intended — cheesy.

“The Flash” Season 3 debuts October 4 on The CW.

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