<i>The Five Fists of Science</i> inspires amazing, working Tesla Gun

Inspired by The Five Fists of Science, the 2006 steampunk graphic novel by Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders, author Rob Flickenger did what any aspiring mad scientist would do: He constructed his own working Tesla Gun, powered by an 18-volt drill battery.

"You pull the trigger, and lightning comes out the front," Flickenger writes on his blog, where  he breaks down the process, complete with photos. "It is functionally inferior to that of Tesla’s design in the Five Fists in a few important respects. Notably, it is a bit longer and heavier than Tesla’s own. It also cannot (yet) create an ion wind strong enough to cushion the user when leaping from a four story building. On the other hand, my design is an improvement in two important respects: 1) It is battery powered, and 2) It actually exists."

The device received an enthusiastic endorsement from Sanders, who acknowledged "kind of half-assing the engineering on the guns" before offering to provide a design for backpack to house the battery, should Flickenger attempt a second model.

In addition to the photos on his blog, Flickenger has put together a Tesla Gun video, complete with a catchy soundtrack and a warning that "Electricity in dangerous ... dangerously delicious." Check it out below.

(via The Verge)

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