The First Order awakens with this new Stormtrooper armor

Moving past that unfortunate incident on Starkiller Base, the First Order aims to be operating at full force in time for Star Wars: Episode VIII, with a little help.

Costume company Anovos is accepting preorders for officially licensed First Order Stormtrooper armor in two versions: completed ($6,915), meaning you'll be ready immediately to ship out to Jakku, or the kit ($2,225), which you'll have to assemble yourself. Yes, it's pricey -- many times more than the classic Imperial Stormtrooper armor -- but what's money compared to the approval of Captain Phasma?

Andrew Liptak at io9.com notes that a limited number of First Order Stormtrooper costumes have been available to members of the 501st Legion to help promote The Force Awakens, but this "premier" version will feature improvements.

The head-to-toe premier costumes will be available for order only through July 31, and are expected to ship in September. A standard version, without helmet or boots, will be available beginning in August.

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