The final Sunday of the year is a perfect time for another rousing rendition of Name That Artist!

Man, it's been too long since I did a Name That Artist game (almost three years?!?!?), but it's back, and badder than ever! Go below the cut to see if you can figure out who drew this tale of woe!

I wanted to post some drawings that wouldn't give away the company that published it, but I couldn't do that, so there's a fairly recognizable hero in these scans. If that helps you out, oh well. Without further ado, Name That Artist!




Answer in the comments, as there's nothing at stake here except the admiration of your peers, and, to be honest, probably not even that. I will try to keep the suspense up for as long as possible, so I'll keep the answer to myself even if someone answers very definitively in the comments. Those definitive people - I hate them so much!

I'm sure some of you scamps out there know this without even racking your brain too much, but I still think this game is fun. So have fun!

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