The Final Day of the DC Relaunch Announcements...

We already knew what they were going to be, so it was not AS big of a deal, but still, some interesting stuff announced today, including the highly anticipated news about Grant Morrison writing Action Comics #1 (so awesome!) with artist Rags Morales.

The teaser image is definitely intriguing, but obviously we won't know what the actual deal is until the book is much closer to being released.

George Perez only WRITING Superman #1 with Jesus Merino as the artist?

I like Jesus Merino as an artist, but I can't be the only one who was surprised and disappointed to know that Perez's art wouldn't be gracing the new Superman ongoing. Also, yeah, the costume is weird. Not BAD, really, but definitely odd.

People who enjoyed the Suicide Squad #1 cover will be glad to know that the fellow who drew that, R.B. Silva, is drawing the new Superboy book with inker Rob Levin, written by Scott Lobdell.

THREE new books for Lobdell! That's quite a splash for his return to ongoing work for the Big Two.

Supergirl, by Michael Green and Mike Johnson and artist Mahmud Asrar. I adore Asrar's artwork, and Green and Johnson have written some good Superman/Batman issues, so that hopefully will be a good comic, although I am not thrilled with the Supergirl.

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