'The Filth' hits DCComics.com Monday

Official Press Release

Since the public first became aware of THE FILTH several months ago, the project has been surrounded by secrecy and mystery, with information and art trickling out at a tantalizing pace.

A severe storm warning is in effect for Monday, April 1, as THE FILTH pours down over the VERTIGO section of dccomics.com, delivering a thundershower from the upcoming 13-issue series by Grant Morrison, Chris Weston and Gary Erskine. The deluge will evaporate after 24 hours.

"I've been working with Grant on THE FILTH since the beginning, and even I'm amazed at what I've seen," says Karen Berger, VP - Executive Editor, VERTIGO. "There are things here most readers won't understand, and maybe some things they shouldn't understand, but the bottom line is that on Monday, and Monday only, they'll have access to the kind of information and art they've been clamoring for."

Watch for THE FILTH this Monday at dccomics.com. After that, you're on your own.

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