'The Fallen' Becomes 'Evenfall' at SLG

Official Press Release

Have you ever felt like you were falling through life rather than living it? Has your escape into a fantasy world become something more than an escape? Evenfall is a new comic book series by writer/artist Peter Stathis that explores the themes of loss and grief and escapism.

Shaken by her mother's recent death, Evenfall's protagonist Phoebe Shankar breaks with reality and falls into a dark and menacing fantasy world. Is her experience a descent into madness, or has she indeed opened a portal to another realm? Real or imagined, she has set out on a journey she may not survive.

"The book is about loss and grief and how one person who is on the edge of adulthood, but still a child in many ways, deals with it," said creator Stathis. "Falling is a constant theme in the series as Phoebe falls out of her life, falls back into her memory, falls into other times and places, and eventually falls into a fantasy world which may not be a fantasy world after all."

SLG President and Publisher Dan Vado saw a great deal of potential in Stathis' story, enough to warrant taking over the title even though it had already been announced and solicited as a self-published project by Stathis.

"Pete has a very interesting story to tell, one you don't often see in comic books, and he has a very definite beginning middle and end," said Vado. "Evenfall fits into the category of an epic story. Something with a definite beginning middle and end which can't really be summed up in a couple of sentences. Evenfall drops into our lineup next to comics like Sparks by Lawrence Marvit, Potential by Ariel Schrag and Mister Blank by Chris Hicks."

Stathis also expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for bringing his series to SLG. "I'm really very thrilled about SLG picking the book up," he said. "I couldn't believe it when they said they wanted to publish me." Stathis added that he was anxious to shed the business and administrative duties associated with self-publishing and focus on his work.

Originally solicited under the title The Fallen under the imprint of Stathis' own Blue Feather Press, Evenfall will be an SLG Publishing title starting with issue #1, and SLG will fill orders placed by retailers for the first issue. The name change was necessitated by a conflict with another comic book from 1999 called The Fallen.

"Pete had done a really good job of getting the word out about his book," added Vado. "The name change is a blow in some ways because the first issue was a couple of days off of being sent to the printer and the second issue had already been solicited. But the material is good enough to overcome this small and annoying setback."

Evenfall #1 will ship in March of 2003. Issue #2 will still be seen in distributor catalogs under Stathis' Blue Feather Press imprint under the title The Fallen #2. The first SLG solicited issue will be #3, which will be scheduled for a July release and will appear under the banner of the publisher's Slave Labor Graphics imprint.

SLG Publishing is the San Jose, CA based publisher of comic books and graphic novels. Known for its quirky humor titles, SLG is the publisher of titles such as Squee by Jhonen Vasquez, Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkin and Patty Cake and Friends by Scott Roberts. More information about the company can be found at their website, www.slavelabor.com.

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