The fall and rise of the Waid/Kitson 'Empire'

[Empire #1]You can probably be forgiven for thinking that "Empire" was dead when Gorilla Comics went quietly into that good rain forest night.

After all, if series creators Mark Waid and Barry Kitson couldn't afford to produce the comics, readers wouldn't see the remaining issues, right?


On Wednesday, DC Comics announced that it would be publishing the miniseries, along with "new material" presumably added to the Gorilla-published issues, at a date to be determined.

If you didn't see this news coming, that's because Waid played his cards close to his chest.

"Sorry for the surprise," Waid told the Comic Wire on Wednesday, "This has been in the works for a while now. Most of the 'Empire' scripts are finished and awaiting publication as per my arrangement with CrossGen, since my exclusivity with my new employers shouldn't penalize Barry, James Pascoe and Chris Sotomayor by making them unable to bring our stories to life. I'm anxious to see 'Empire' finally released on a regular schedule!"

Format and publication dates for "Empire" have yet to be determined.

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