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Take a moment to soak in this panel from Sean Gordon Murphy:

WIP Tokyo Ghost @Remender out this Sept. pic.twitter.com/8B9uOkg1gF

— Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) June 17, 2015

It works on so many levels:

  • Action moves from left to right.
  • The hand lettered sound effect is perfectly placed to indicate the sound that rope/line is making as the character slides down it.
  • The contrast in the panel between dark and light is perfect. The white letters jump out from the dark background where that cliff is, but then the focus character in a dark costume is surrounded by the brightest/whitest part of the panel. Since the eye is attracted to the area of greatest contrast first, this panel is an instant win at first glance.
  • There are two other people in the panel in the upper left, one on top of the cliff and one hanging on for dear life so he doesn't fall off. Follow the motions of the characters from one to the next, left to right. It flows beautifully. The runner leading the eye to the over-runner who's nearly falling off the cliff and towards the lead character. All of the motion in this panel is going in one direction, and it feels natural and right.
  • With those characters, the most detail is saved for the character closest to the reader who is also the focus of the panel. This makes sense since things closest to you are the things you see the most detail on, but also in that it's not worth wasting the artist's time and busying up the page to draw every fold of cloth and every eyelash on a background character the reader's eyes are meant to glance across.
  • Variety. Three different characters are running away from something or towards something, but none are repeating themselves. They're in different poses, different actions, different stages of the chase. Never underestimate the importance of keeping things on a page varied. Repeating a pose from a lack of experience or thinking is a road block for a reader. It'll make the page look cheaper.

It's just a great isolated panel, and it gives me hope for the rest of the project, as well.

PIPELINK FOR 23 JUNE 2015: Big Duck Art Edition

Best news of the week: "The Artist's Edition: Don Rosa's 'Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck'" will be on sale officially at the IDW website on Wednesday, June 24. Here's a video sneak preview. I do not like the font on the Table of Contents, but if that's the worst the book has to offer, we'll be in great shape. The rest of it looks amazing. To see some of the finer detail from the book at full size is making me giddy.

I'll be lining up to give IDW my money as soon as that store updates on Wednesday...

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