The epic journey is over: 'Epic Anthology' cancelled

[Epic Anthology]CBR News learned Tuesday evening that Marvel's "Epic Anthology" has been cancelled. A number of sources close to the project have confirmed for CBR News that the second issue of the series would not be seen.

Epic was originally announced in March of 2003 as a means to publish comics written and illustrated by both established creators and relative new comers to the business. Anybody was given the opportunity to submit work for consideration to Epic's submissions editor. The company was inundated with proposals. Soon there after, the public call for submissions was shut down due to the onslaught of proposals.

The three projects that received final approval and seen in last week's "Epic Anthology" were Robert Kirkman and Khary Randolph's "Sleepwalker," Rob Worley and Andy Kuhn's "Young Ancient One" and Jason Henderson and Greg Scott's "Strange Magic." Each of those books were originally intended to be published as stand-alone, three-issue mini-series, but back in November of 2003 Marvel told the creators that the books would not be published separately, but instead published as part of a collection, the "Epic Anthology," and there was no guarantee a second issue would see print.

There were other bumps in the road for the "Epic Anthology" along the way. The book was originally solicited carrying an $8.99 cover price, when in fact the actual cover price was $5.99. The creators involved feared the incorrect price, which was corrected by Diamond Comics Distributors in a news release, caused some retailers to order low on the title. Marvel didn't publicize the price correction after assuring creators they would. After the November announcement, Marvel did no press to support the book.

Marvel comics did not have a comment at press time; the company was contacted after east coast close of business on Tuesday.

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