The Endless Coffin: Webcomics get seriously freaky

I've seen this linked in the last couple of days at David Hine's blog and Shaky Kane's Facebook page: The Endless Coffin, wherein the blogger Inigo Saenz de Viguera takes the contents of Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4 (the experiment in Burroughsian cut-up techniques that gained a certain notoriety in fanboy circles after this publicity stunt), and turns it into a genuinely disturbing psychedelic experience.

Says Hine:

When Shaky Kane and I put together the fourth issue of The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred - the infamous 'cut-up' issue - we talked about one day creating a digital version, where the panels would come up in random order in an endless loop. We also invited readers to create their own digital versions and post them online. We've had a couple of responses, but now our minds are officially blown after I was contacted on Twitter by Inigo Saenz. This madman has a site called fanthoman.com where he posts all kinds of postmodern ramblings. The link he sent me was exactly what I had imagined: an endless loop of randomly assembled pages from The Bulletproof Coffin #4. He asked me if I had any ideas to improve it and I suggested adding music and animated psychedelic gifs.

I was joking.

He did it!

I'm serious, do not take accidentally ingest psilocybin mushrooms, lick a Colorado river toad, or neck the brown acid and then click this link — it just might break your brain.

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