The End of scans_daily?

Followers of the popular internet comic book scan site scans_daily discovered recently that the site had been suspended by its host, LiveJournal.

Just yesterday, a status update was posted (here is the link) saying basically that LiveJournal has suspended the site (and by suspended here, we basically mean ended) for violations of the LiveJournal terms of service, and really, from the terms of service as quoted, as they themselves note, scans_daily really does not have any recourse against LiveJournal.

It's an interesting situation. Recently Marvel writer Peter David reported the site to Marvel over some scans of the latest issue of X-Factor (the scans were removed before Marvel had a chance to take any action). Who knows if his report had anything to do with the site's suspension. It very easily could be a coincidence. Then again, it might have been a motivating factor. I do not know.

In any event, my question mark in the title is a bit misleading, as the site certainly WILL be back in some form or another. In a bit of an interesting twist, the site was JUST about to debut new, stricter rules about what could be posted (as I think they clearly acknowledge that some of the scans on the site were more than a little bit past the idea of "fair use"), so when they start back up, they'll likely have these new rules in place. I wonder if that will be enough to avoid future trouble for them?

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