The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross

Story by
Art by
Alex Ross
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Alex Ross's ultra-realistic, painted renditions of iconic superheroes have made him a superstar in and outside of the comic book market. Now, in the vein of such acclaimed Alex Ross books as Mythologies and Rough Justice, Dynamite Entertainment is proud to present The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross. Showcasing all of Alex Ross's Dynamite cover art, along with sketches, designs, layouts, pencils, and interior work (including a wealth of never before published art), and featuring a running commentary by Alex Ross himself, this massive, 328 page collection is a package not to be missed!

"Having Alex do the covers is what really lent both projects boatloads of credibility. They could've been tough sells in the market place: comics based on unproduced screenplays? It was an untried notion. Add to that the fact that I had a bad reputation for lateness, and that book could've died. But when those first few gorgeous Ross images hit the internet, folks started giving us the benefit of the doubt. And those covers were sweeping and cinematic. Alex made the book look big and important in the pre-release art, long before any of us had really gotten to work. His involvement set the bar high for the rest of the creative team." - Green Hornet and Bionic Man collaborator Kevin Smith

"Alex Ross's artwork hit the comics industry like an atom bomb, ushering in a new era of heroic realism, and the shockwaves are still echoing. I've been working with Alex for over 20 years now, and new work from him is always a thrill." - Marvels and Kirby: Genesis collaborator Kurt Busiek

"Working with Alex means working with a storyteller who cares. Not "an artist" or "a painter"--while Alex is certainly an exemplar of both, those terms too narrowly define his talent. Alex's real gift lies beyond the artwork he creates; it's in his ability to craft it in groundbreaking ways that make visual the modern myths that he and his collaborators spin. When it comes to that, Alex is as meticulous and as layered as his painted pieces would suggest, and the medium is the better for it." - Kingdom Come collaborator MARK WAID

"Over the last two decades, I've had the good fortune to be Alex Ross's collaborator and friend. Like everyone else, I'm routinely impressed by the esthetic quality of Alex's art, but I'm also impressed by its emotional quality. Alex wants to make you believe that a man can fly, but he also wants you to believe that the man who can fly wants to be even better than he is - and wants to use those talents to make the world a better place as well." - Uncle Sam collaborator Steve Darnall

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