The "Do You Know What MySpace Is?" of its Day

Awhile back, a lot of folks gave Paul Jenkins some grief about a scene in Civil War: Frontline #11 (click here for the scene) where Captain America is silenced by a reporter who knocks him for not being in touch with the common American (he doesn't know what MySpace, YouTube, NASCAR, et al. are). Jenkins certainly has a point, but I think he botched the scene by having the reporter argue her point poorly, and then suspends disbelief too far by having Cap just accept her fairly weak argument as though it was brilliant.

Well, Jenkins should have some solace in knowing there is a famous precursor to his scene, from way back in Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams' classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow run.

Again, O'Neil certainly has a point, but just like Jenkins, over three decades later, O'Neil botches the scene by having the arguer deliver his point poorly, and then, also, suspending disbelief too far by having Green Lantern convinced as though the argument was brilliant, when it is (as constituted) a weak argument.

"Green Lantern, you have a lot of power, you should do something to help the poor, disenfranchised blacks of America." - Cool.

"Green Lantern, you helped other alien races, but you never helped us" - Moronic, as Green Lantern helps to save the entire PLANET on what, a monthly basis? That's exactly the same thing he does for the blue skins, the orange skins and the purple skins!!

So take solace, Paul Jenkins! You have excellent company!!

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