The Division: Netflix Acquires Tom Clancy Video Game Adaptation

Tom Clancy's The Division was released in 2016 and became the fastest-selling video game in history. It reportedly sold more in the first day of release than any other video game ever created by Ubisoft.

A sequel was released in March 2019, though it didn't see the same level of fiscal success. At the beginning of the month, Ubisoft announced the development of a film adaptation of Tom Clancy's The Division.

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It was announced at E3 that Netflix has acquired the distribution rights to the film, which will be directed by David Leitch (known for Deadpool 2) with Rafe Judkins adapting the screenplay. The film will star award-winners Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain in currently unspecified roles. Gyllenhaal is also attached as producer on the project.

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The last Ubisoft film to hit screens was Assassin's Creed, the developer's first venture into film through Ubisoft Motion Pictures. It opened to negative reviews and performed disappointingly at the box office, grossing $240.9 million worldwide on a budget of $125 million, far lower than initial projections.

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Judging from the descriptions of the plot, The Division will follow the events of the video game quite closely: A smallpox epidemic, manufactured by an eco-terrorist and spread via bank notes, breaks out on Black Friday. The disease devastates New York City and causes the island of Manhattan to be placed under quarantine. Chaos ensues and a sect of sleeper agents known as The Division, is activated by the U.S. government to get the situation under control.

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