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The Devil You Know: 15 Comic Book Demons You Want To Possess You

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The Devil You Know: 15 Comic Book Demons You Want To Possess You

Supernatural beings can be quite frightening. In the darkness of the woods, a werewolf could jump out and bite us, or under our bed the boogeyman could grab us when we’re asleep. Although there are plenty of creatures hiding in the dark to scare us, probably the scariest thing is a lack of control. A ghost, demon, or spirit possessing us and taking over our bodies while we’re helpless to do anything about it is a terrifying concept, but are there any positives to being possessed? What if we could turn the tables to our advantage? What if we wanted to be possessed by a demon?

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Are there positives to being possessed? Some demons have incredible strength, speed, and stamina; other spirits are manifestations of such concepts as vengeance or retribution, allowing you to avenge those that have been wronged. Other demons are actually extra-dimensional entities looking to take over the universe. In exchange for your body being a vessel for a supernatural entity, you could be granted powers beyond your wildest imagination. Maybe losing control isn’t such a bad thing after all. We here at CBR give you 15 comic book demons that you want to be possessed by.


Did you know that The Spectre wasn’t the only embodiment of the Wrath of God? The Spectre’s predecessor was the entity Eclipso. Although Eclipso started out as your average villain, all that changed with the DC crossover Eclipso: The Darkness Within. Initially he just began as a demon possessing a man named Bruce Gordon (yes, the name borrows from a certain Caped Crusader and Police Commissioner). Eventually, that evolved to being able to possess anyone that came in contact with a shard of the Heart of Darkness, a black diamond that originally imprisoned Eclipso. You can tell if someone’s been “eclipsed” by the giant dark spot that covers more than half the person’s face.

Why be possessed by Eclipso? Eclipso was responsible for the Great Flood. You know, that event where Noah had to collect two of each animal? Eclipso literally possesses power of biblical proportions and isn’t afraid to use it (or grant some to others as well).


Lucifer Lightbearer Ghost Rider

If you’re confused by the demons on our list and you just want to learn about (no pun intended) the devil you know, then Lucifer Lightbearer just might be that demon. He most resembles the devil you find in Judeo-Christian theology, but if you ask us he also looks a lot like Tim Curry’s Darkness character from the 1985 movie Legend. This version of Lucifer tormented Johnny Blaze in the pages of Ghost Rider.

Similar to the stories in the Bible, Lucifer started out as a servant in Heaven but was cast out after an attempted rebellion. Why be possessed by this guy? Lucifer possesses vast supernatural power, strength, and durability. However, if you’re going to be possessed, why make it some devil when you can make it the Devil! Imagine your Facebook status on that one!



Deadman wins for the most straightforward superhero name. When he was alive, Deadman’s name was Boston Brand and was a circus trapeze artist. Unfortunately, Brand is murdered by a man known only as the Hook, who was a part of an organization known as the Scavengers. The Hindu God Rama Kushna gave Brand the power to possess anyone so he can find out more about his death. He also uses his powers to help others in need.

Why be possessed by Deadman? If you think about it, Deadman is kind of like a supernatural version of Quantum Leap, and instead of Scott Bakula’s Dr. Samuel Beckett leaping into unwitting bodies it’s Brand, solving mysteries and helping those in need. Deadman has difficulties possessing those with strong minds or those already under influence (for example, people under hypnosis).


Trigon Teen Titans

What is it about Trigon that makes him so scary? Is it the fact that he has six eyes? Is it the fact that by age six he had destroyed an entire planet? Perhaps it’s because he wears waist high boots with a loin cloth? Trigon is considered pure evil and has taken on and beaten The Teen Titans as well as the Justice League. Trigon has three sons (Jesse, Jared, and Jacob) and a daughter named Raven who formed the Teen Titans to stop her father when the Justice League refused to help.

Why be possessed by Trigon? Trigon is immortal, virtually invulnerable, can drain souls and grant people super powers. He can even resurrect the dead. He’s certainly a powerful demon and you would inherit much of that power (while losing your sense of self, sure, but who needs that, really?), just make sure you have three pairs of sunglasses for the two pairs of eyes you’re going to gain.


Daemonites Wildcats

Daemonites made their debut in WildC.A.T.s published by Image Comics in the 1990s. The Daemonites were a race of aliens that were conquering the universe. Their race had the ability to possess other races, allowing them to secretly and efficiently take over most species they encountered.

Why be possessed by one of the Daemonites? Daemonites can live for thousands of years and can regenerate from severe physical damage. They also possess advanced technology allowing them interstellar travel, control of nanotechnology, and the ability to enter alternate dimensions through an interdimensional realm called The Bleed. If you’re a part of Daemonite Royalty, you have the ability to control regular class Daemonites as well. This is one alien possession that won’t result in a little beastie exploding out of your chest.

10. ZOM

Zom Doctor Strange

When the Illuminati banished the Hulk from the Earth he was understandably angry, and the last thing you want to do is make Hulk angry. He eventually returned to Earth and got his revenge during the comics series World War Hulk. Earth’s heroes mounted a fruitless defense because of Hulk’s immense anger (which only added to his strength). To stop him, Dr. Strange evoked and had himself possessed by the spirit Zom and engaged the Hulk in hand to hand combat. Strange would have won but became overwhelmed by the power that Zom had.

Zom was an extradimensional demon that was defeated ages ago by the combined efforts of the Living Tribunal, Eternity, and Dormammu, who bound his hands with Links of Living Bondage. Being possessed by Zom would give you enough power to fight the Hulk, but Zom had also possessed Iron Man’s discarded Hulkbuster armor. Seems like he’s not picky on who he possesses.


Spirit King

Roger Romaine was a serial killer in the pages of the Justice League of America, killing women in England. The Spectre banished him to hell, but that didn’t stop him from coming back. Romaine made a deal with the demon Shatain to be able to return to earth and possess people. He did this hoping to return to Earth to get revenge against the Spectre (which sounds like a terrible idea).

Romaine returned as The Spirit King, possessed the Jay Garrick version of the Flash and Dr. Fate, and even killed Mister Terrific in pursuit of defeating the Spectre. The Spirit King made a second attempt to defeat the Spectre when Hal Jordan was its newest host. The Spirit King had raised an undead army against the world and fought the Justice Society.


Furies Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider was the Spirit of Vengeance, but The Furies (Ember, Lady Ash, and the Dark Lady) are considered the Goddesses of Vengeance and Retribution. They are eager to right wrongs against people. In the pages of Ghost Rider they avenged a woman who was accused of being a witch and was killed. At one point, the Furies, as well as all Olympians, were banished by the Titan Typhon to the Land of Shades (which is where we buy our sunglasses), but is eventually freed by Hercules.

Why be possessed by the Furies? They have immense physical strength, flight, resistance to injury, and mystical powers. If you don’t like seeing bad things happen to people, then being a vessel for the Goddesses of Vengeance and Retribution might be the perfect job for you.


Mnemoth Hellblazer Constantine

Mnemoth is an evil spirit that can be found within the pages of DC’s Hellblazer. Mnemoth looks like a giant insect, and can appear as a swarm of insects or just one. It gets its power from humanity’s desire to consume. Mnemoth can also drive people to satiate their hunger in bizarre ways: it made a bodybuilder try and eat his own arm and forced a young man to eat a stack of comic books.

Given that we are in a world of fast food, non-stop exposure to media, and ever updating technology and apps, one could argue that we’re a culture of intense consumerism, so being possessed by Mnemoth means lots and lots of power. Mnemoth was trapped in the body of a heroin addict with binding spells, courtesy of John Constantine.


Soulfire Hellstorm

Soulfire can be found in the pages of Marvel’s comic Hellstorm: Prince of Lies. Soulfire began as a minor demon who, while in Hell, finds a magical chessboard. After playing with it, he accidentally finds himself leaving Hell and possessing a boy named Jason Maldonado.

Why would you want to be possessed by Soulfire? Well, he was considered one of the candidates for Sorcerer Supreme when Doctor Stephen Strange had to step down from the position. To even be considered for such a title meant that he had a great deal of magical power! Soulfire was also considered a potential recruit in the 50 State Initiative program under the Superhuman Registration Act. Soulfire has superhuman strength and durability, and his name makes us wish he was a funk band from the 1970s.


Beast Of The Hand Daredevil

Ninjas are awesome, and they’re even more awesome if they’re given mystical powers. That’s right, we’re talking about the Hand, an organization of ninjas who were founded way back in 1588. They’ve fought Wolverine and Daredevil in the pages of Marvel Comics and even had a hand in resurrecting the Hulk after being killed by Hawkeye.

The Hand follows the Beast, a demon who lives for destruction. In the Daredevil storyline Shadowland, Matt Murdock becomes the leader of the Hand and tries to use them as a force of good. However, after Daredevil  kills Bullseye, people realize that The Man Without Fear is becoming the Man Without Sense. Street-level superheroes Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, and Colleen Wing discover that Daredevil has been possessed by the Beast of the Hand, and Iron Fist is able to exorcise the demon from Daredevil.



The next time you have a bad dream, be very grateful that you wake up. According to Marvel, when you sleep you might be entering one of the Splinter Realms of the Dream Dimension called the Nightmare Realm. That realm is controlled by a creature aptly named Nightmare. How do you get rid of him? What are the odds that people will stop dreaming? Exactly! Dude ain’t going nowhere.

Why be possessed by Nightmare? Imagine not only knowing the fears of any living creature that can dream, but being able to control them as well. Afraid of spiders? Boom, here’s a dimension of spiders. Afraid of the dark? Boom, here’s a dimension of darkness. You can recognize Nightmare when he rides by you on his horrific mount named Dreamstalker.


The Spectre

The Spectre should have a giant warning label on him that says “DO NOT MESS WITH THE SPECTRE”. The Spectre is easily one of the most powerful beings in all of comic books. He’s considered the wrath of God, and has the abilities granted by the divine, allowing him to manipulate time and space. The Spectre exists purely to enact vengeance on wrong-doers, so make sure you’re not committing any crimes when he’s around.

Why do you want to be possessed by The Spectre? Because someone needs to. Having a human host is what keeps The Spectre partially grounded. During the series Day of Vengeance, the Spectre is left without a human host and inflicts draconian punishment on people that commit even the smallest of crimes. He also killed Shazam, imprisoned Dr. Fate, and turned the Phantom Stranger into a mouse.


Etrigan The Demon

Etrigan the Demon is mean, more mean that the words that you read on this screen. Like most demons, Etrigan found that to a human host he was bound. Jason Blood would say the rhyme and he would transform every time: Gone! Gone! O’ form of man! Rise the demon Etrigan! Etrigan has supernatural strength and can spit hellfire. He sees pain as pleasure and enjoys combat and torture. Son of the demon Belial, his half-brother is Merlin, and whether he likes it or not, Etrigan is bonded with Jason Blood, a knight from King Arthur’s Camelot.

Why be possessed by Etrigan? His knowledge of magic is second to none, he’s fought Lobo and Superman and Wonder Woman and won. If you haven’t noticed by this time, the words that Etrigan speaks have a tendency to rhyme. What that means is he has power, allowing you to leave your rivals sour.


Zarathos Ghost Rider

After carnival stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze made a deal with Mephisto, he was bonded with the demon Zarathos and was known as the (sometimes) hero Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider would inflict upon the guilty his Penance Stare, which would have criminals feel the pain of those that they hurt. He also could project hellfire and had an awesome motorcycle that had fire tires!! But before he was Ghost Rider, Zarathos devoured and tortured souls. Mephisto had to keep him contained because Zarathos was growing in power and followers.

Why would you want to be possessed by Zarathos? It’s not because of his immeasurable stamina, speed, or strength, it’s because of his sweet motorcycle! Like, have you seen this guy’s chopper? Powers come and go, but a good ride lasts forever… especially one made with hellfire!

Do we need any devils added to our list? If so post your comments below!

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