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The “Deadpool” Trailer’s Kneecapping, Brain Popping, Groin Kicking Highlights

by  in Comic News, Movie News Comment
The “Deadpool” Trailer’s Kneecapping, Brain Popping, Groin Kicking Highlights

Grab your chimichangas Deadheads, the official trailer for 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” movie has finally arrived! After years of fan wishing, speculating and begging, Fox has finally delivered a live-action Deadpool into the world, directed by Tim Miller and featuring Ryan Reynolds in the title role. A “Deadpool” film once seemed impossible, especially with a proper hard R-rating like many Deadpool fans desired, but the studio responsible for the X-Men movies has delivered in spades with a brand new trailer that is as exciting as it is naughty. After a few viewings, it’s clear the filmmakers have captured the look and feel of Marvel’s Merc With a Mouth to perfection.

WATCH: First “Deadpool” Trailer, Plus R-Rated Version

So what about this trailer has us so excited? How about bullets, butts, exit wounds, quips, stabs, flips and mutants? Not enough? Let’s go with the fact Fox dared break the current super hero film mold and deliver something so left of center, something so perfectly Deadpool, doing justice to the character first introduced in 1991 by creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Join us as we break down a few of the trailer’s coolest — and goriest — moments to find out what makes this trailer scratch our Deadpool itch.

X Gon’ Give It To Ya, He Gon’ Give It To Ya

Deadpool is many things. A super hero film by way of Tex Avery; an over the top, balls to the wall shoot ’em up; and a modern comic book comedy. But he is also — and this is big as far as Fox’s cinematic world is concerned — part of the X-Men Universe. Popular X-Men member Colossus is front and center making this new film a piece of the overall X tapestry Fox has been crafting since 2000. This film doesn’t seem to be an aside or a novelty, with the X-Man’s inclusion making it part of the greater X whole. Plus, the trailer has our first look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Playing the Hits

Like any great comic book film, “Deadpool” appears to borrow strongly from its comic book history, including the beloved run written by Joe Kelly that kicked off Deadpool’s first ongoing series in the late ’90s. That run — in its first nine issues, illustrated by Ed McGuinness — vastly expanded the saga of the often-tragic mercenary that hides his pain under a veneer of quips and violence. The trailer features both Blind Al played by Leslie Uggams and Weasel played by T.J. Miller, two fixtures in Wade Wilson’s life, especially during Kelly’s influential run. If the film does follows the themes and tone of those stories, as the trailer suggests, fans could be in for one hell of a comedic ride complete with fully realized characters and a surprising abundance of substance. And kneecapping. Lots and lots of kneecapping.

Deadpool Goes EXTREME!

Deadpool has always been one of Marvel’s more violent characters, and if a film isn’t going to bring the realism to that action, why bother? The trailer — especially its red band incarnation — indeed brings the glorious crimson with splattery headshots, gaping exit wounds, wicked sword slices and a good helping of martial arts awesomeness. Pretty much everything a proper Deadpool fan would want in a Wade Wilson movie. Even the most hardened fan has to be impressed with the amount of splatter on display in the trailer and already looking forward to the R-rated feature next February.

Ryan Reynolds

While he portrayed a version of the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” fans have been begging for a proper Ryan Reynolds Deadpool for years. After Reynolds stole scenes as Hannibal King in the otherwise lackluster “Blade: Trinity,” it was clear the actor had the chops to steps into Deadpool’s jammies. But after the first “Wolverine” movie (the less said about that sewn-shut mouth, the better) things went a little south for Reynolds with “Green Lantern” and “RIPD” failing to meet box office expectations, it seemed like fans would never get a chance to see Reynolds bring a comic book-accurate Wade Wilson to the screen. But cut to 2015 and Reynolds is in full and proper Deadpool mode acting like Bugs Bunny in a spandex ninja suit. He also brings a sense of vulnerability to Wade Wilson that is so important to the character.


As “Captain America might say, “Language, please.” Rest assured, the red band “Deadpool” trailer is not safe for work, and judging from the profanity in the trailer, this could be a film that would make a sailor blush. Frankly, we’re surprised Fox had the chimichangas to allow a super hero movie to be this salty.

M-M-M-MASK!! Is The Mighty Power That Can Save The Day!

So many super hero films take the liberty removing the main character’s mask at the earliest opportunity — and listen, if you’re paying Robert Downey, Jr. or Chris Evan a gajillion dollars, you want them flashing their smiles as often as possible on the big screen. But like most things, Deadpool seems to have taken that super hero trope and flushed it away like the aftermath of a gas station burrito. When Reynolds is in his Deadpool gear, he is Deadpool, and the awesomely expressive mask only aids that performance. The filmmakers did an amazing job of giving that mask a weight and sense of character that look to set Deadpool apart from the rest of the super hero pack headed to multiplexes over the next few years. Heck, the mask even has Deadpool’s signature white eyes and still manages to convey emotion.

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