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“The Darkness II” Introduces “Vendettas”

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“The Darkness II” Introduces “Vendettas”

Fans are anticipating 2K Games’ upcoming “The Darkness II,” based on the Top Cow Productions comic book, which pits mob boss-turned-Artifact wielder Jackie Estacado in command of shadowy powers and the strange creatures who dwell there against both familiar mob enemies and nasty members of a group known as the Brotherhood. Being able to “quad-wield” — holding two guns with Darkness arms while using two additional limbs to rip enemies to shreds — is quite a promising new feature. Not content to stop there, today 2K Games announced it’s adding a whole new mode to the game that allows gamers to bring friends along for the ride.

The mode is called “Vendettas” and it runs parallel with the main story mode revolving around Jackie. Four additional characters join the battle, taking on members of the Brotherhood while collecting important relics designed to keep the Darkness from falling into the wrong hands. Though these characters can’t wield the powers of the Darkness like Jackie can, they have access to influenced attacks that provide them an advantage including a battle axe with boomerang-like recoil (it comes back to you after it strikes an enemy) and a “Midnight Stick” that temporarily levitates while you use a secondary weapon to finish them off. Abilities can also be powered up via earned experience points, including the ability to call upon Darklings (fiendish helpers with their own lethal agenda) and grenades that actually consume everything within a short distance, rather than destroying it all.

Each character brings a distinct personality to “Vendettas.” Shoshanna is a lethal Mossad agent with a nasty attitude and weapons to match; Inugami is a mysterious assassin hailing from Japan, with an almost uncontrollable set of emotions; Jimmy Wilson is a somewhat drunken Glaswegian who is just as deadly stumbling around as he is standing up; and finally, there’s J.P. DuMond, a doctor who specializes in voodoo magic. All four have their reasons for hating the Brotherhood with a passion, and players should try each one out to see where their backstory takes them.

In addition to “Vendettas,” “The Darkness II” will also introduce a series of standalone missions known as the “Hit List.” Though few details on the missions have emerged, we’re guessing the mode will put your grasp of the Darkness — and your trigger finger — to the test.

“The Darkness II” goes on sale February 7 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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