The Dark Knight, Transformers, Wanted: February 16th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Reuters, actor Aaron Eckhart is in final negotiations to suit up as two-fisted district attorney Harvey Dent (with a less-than-heroic future in mind) for the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat-sequel.


The first detailed description of the footage shown to toy retailers can be found at Ain't It Cool News, written by someone who's a fan of Michael Bay but not intimately acquainted with all the data surrounding this revival.


Actor James Macavoy talked to Comingsoon.net about his preparations to take on the nihilistic Mark Millar character. "They want me to do as much as I can anyway. There's a lot of free running and Parkour and all that kind of stuff. A lot of driving and guns and all that kinda rubbish. But it's quite important for me because the reason I wanted to play this character in 'Wanted' was because it still adheres to what I believe in, that heroes shouldn't always be perfect. We shouldn't always have the six-foot-five, chiseled-jawed, good-looking guy. That's why it's so good that 'Spider-Man' is somebody like Tobey Maguire, and that's why I took this role. They wanted someone geeky. I screen-tested for the movie over a year ago and they never gave me the part. Then, it was about seven months later when they went, 'Look, we've been trying to find someone who's muscle-y who looks good and all that, but it just didn't work with someone like that' so they said, 'Could you come and do it?' They basically just said, 'You're the runt of the litter and that's what makes it work' so yeah, and that's why I like it. So while I'm doing all this physical work, it's important for me to remain small. I'm sure they want me to get all big, but it's important to remain believably geeky."


Since the movie comes out today, Superhero Hype has one last presswank with Marvel's Avi Arad, director Mark Steven Johnson and actors Donal Logue and Peter Fonda. "How many times do you get to play Mephistopheles?" Fonda said. "Only once, unless they get to do 'Ghost Rider 2' and then I'll get to do it twice. It sounded great. Nic's a friend of me, and he and Avi thought I'd be good for the role, and they were so quick in putting my contract together, they forgot to put it in the contract that I should not ride a motorcycle. So I went and bought the fastest motorcycle you can ride and rode it all over the set and all over Australia ... but not in the film, behind the camera! The motorcycle Nic rides is somewhat similar in the structure to the one I rode in 'Easy Rider' and I play for that, give it looks like 'I know that bike,' little throwaway stuff. I knew the comic book, but I had no idea that I'd ever get a shot at playing Mephistopheles, which is such a wild character to play."

Avi Arad talked more about the special effects challenge to IF Magazine. "These kinds of movies are difficult even for the studio, believe it or not because when we look at the Avid [Editor Program] we know where there's going to be a visual effect and we know eventually we will have it, but fire is tricky," Arad said. "It's similar to what you'll see next in 'Spider-Man 3' [with] a grain of sand, to control fire and make it move is an algorithm, they have to apply math and there is such passion for these characters and especially for this movie that there was no patience out there for it. You have to start showing things, but the truth is that movies like this, when you see them with no visual designs can be really scary to the uninitiated. It's like, 'Well, what happens next?' And then you see it like you have and it's like, 'Oh, my God, that really comes together.' That's always a challenge for us."


Judging from the preview photos at Kryptonsite, it's gonna be an all-out war on the episode "Combat" when wrestlers Kane and Ashley come out to play. Meanwhile, producer Al Gough keeps on talking to IF Magazine, swearing that all of this DCU stuff in Clark Kent's early life will make sense. "I think it will eventually morph into what you know," Gough said, "it's whether or not you buy the explanations for how they morph in. Some people will and some people won't. The comics over the years have certainly taken liberties with the characters and we certainly have with this story. The plan is that it will all synch up with the mythology we all know."


Let's keep it Kryptonian for a moment, shall we? A note at the website for the University of Hawaii says that the production should return to Australia for the sequel, and more U of H students will be taken on board as interns.


Our pals over at Newsarama have an interview with producer Gil Grant about what to expect from the weekly series. "I wanted to find a situation to put her in that gave her something to deal with. I didn't want to go that dark with her. In the comic, she was a DEA agent and became a vigilante. That wasn't the tone that I wanted to do. So I wanted to find a situation to put her in where she could put the bad guys away so I invented this world of Neuros. They're neurological aberrants. It is set in the near future and for some reason, whether it be biological, or chemical, or environmental, there are these people whose brains have somehow been altered, which gives them super neurological powers. For example, there are Neuros who can induce hallucinations in somebody else, Neuros who could steal pieces of people's knowledge and give it to other people. There's neuros who can give you their nightmares and raise the dead. So basically the government is worried because whatever you don't know ruins you. They don't want to panic the general populous so they create this team, of which Jane becomes a member. Their job is to identify and contain Neuros. The team is from all distinct walks of law enforcement life."


According to a story here at CBR, the film had its world premiere last night and received a standing ovation in the sold out Berlinale Palast festival. Click for more details and photos.


Also at CBR, we've got video previews of next week's episode, "Unexpected."


F4 Movies is reporting that composer John Ottman is back at work scoring the sequel. "Now that I've started working on the film, it feels good to be in familiar territory," Ottman said. "It looks as though there might be more areas this time around to squeeze in the 'Fan 4' theme, and there's also a possibility the film may have a full-fledged title sequence this time around so I can introduce the theme properly and get the adrenaline going as I had wanted to in the first film. As many know, in the 11th hour on the first film, the title sequence was cut out, and so the 'Fan 4' theme wasn't able to be introduced in the traditions of these types of films. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed."


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